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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kingsburg Wedding | Cory and Kristine | Central Valley Photographer | Kings River

Better go grab a cup of coffee..this is the longest post I have ever done......hopefully you can stay till the end!  I put up a funny picture so make sure you scroll through it it's all like eye candy - every detail amazing...Never seen a more expressive bride - happy smiling and joyful or rather exuberant the entire day!!  right up to the end!

A Big Fat Greek Wedding..

not really - but Kristine is Greek - because the Ardos are Greek - I am her Auntie (her dad's sister) - my father -Kristine's Grandpa - is 100% Greek - that makes her only 25% Greek - but you know us Greeks - that makes her FULL GREEK!   Cory has adjusted to all of us although I do believe it was scary at first!!  My husband was a bit timid at first but now he's the loudest one of the bunch...and Cory is fitting right in.

That being said - this wedding is larger than life. They each had 10 attendants, Kristine had 3 junior bridesmaid, 3 flower girls and a ring bearer for a grand total of 29 in the wedding party (including them).  YES 29... and even Jessy, Kaitlyn and my boys also dressed as attendants!  Hence the millions of photos...the final count was 9,103 images - never before have I done this - I shot about 3K, Emma over 4K and Jessy 2K.  and get this - Patty (Tina's mom) didn't' want me to delete any!!  Partly why this took me so long...

She is also my niece so my family was involved in the whole thing.. and I always feel like Anne of Green Gables when I say this - but if you only knew how many MORE pictures I wanted to post and held back. Tina is VERY extremely special to me and every single picture is a memory and detail for me so it was hard to choose. I laughed going through the whole thing.

Special thanks to everyone who helped me so I could be involved and not shoot the whole time.  Kaitlyn - thank you for following me everywhere and being my errand girl and helping me when I was tired.  Wendy Kane -you're amazing - thanks for everything.  Emma - thanks for doing Cory's getting ready and all the family photos and all the other things you did all day - Shay thanks for giving me a break at the reception for a bit.  Jessy as always - you are amazing and can't believe I get to do this with you.

Venue: Kings River at a private residence on the river. Kingsburg, CA
Photography:  me, Jessy Dodson, Emma Harasick, Shay Thomason 
Wedding Gown: Casablanca by Enzoani Blue
Cory's suit:  H&M!
Bridesmaids Dresses: H&M for $20 each - yes that's it $20 each or maybe it was Forever 21
Junior bridesmaids dresses: Nordstrom
Flower girl dresses:  LaParisLaur
Flowers and design:  Suzie Muxlow and her amazing crew
Bouquets:  Amy Degraw
Wedding Coordinator:  Lori Jackson
Caterer:  Mark and Lisha Merritt

So many people helped to pull this together that I wish I could list them all.  The whole wedding was an act of service and it was touching to see all the work that went into this and the smiles and joy on all the faces.

This wedding had many unique things

1.  It was incredibly beautiful - trees everywhere - crazy amazing
2.  Best first look I have ever seen - Cory's reaction was priceless
3.  It was beautiful and brought together by people who just served them and worked incredibly hard
4.  They had a live band play during the ceremony - walked out to a song from We Bought a Zoo
5.  Uncle Robert couldn't pull himself together from crying during the intro!
6.  Cory and Tina led the congregation in 2 hymns - and Cory has an amazing voice as does Tina
7.  My mom and dad were able to watch the whole ceremony vis FaceTime from the nursing home
8.  They had a bell run when they kissed (Nathaniel my son rang it - important job!)
9.  They rode a quad during their portraits
10. They served ALL the guests their bread at the end of the food line - that way they greeted everyone and started out their marriage serving - it was amazing and you should all copy this.
11.  They shot of fireworks as a surprise - that's why Tina is screaming running through the sparklers!

It's hard on my blog to write in between the lines (I can't quite figure it out) enjoy their special story of their most wonderful day in photos

Cory wrote on the underside of her shoes (I know,right???) 

Corys favorite thing about the wedding day: That Kristine became his wife
What Cory's learned since: I can't love her enough or express it enough
Best thing about Kristine: She is passionate about everything especially Jesus Christ and me (Cory)
Kristine's best feature: that smile

Kristine's favorite thing about the wedding day:  Loved the trees and that it was outside.  Loved how Uncle Robert and Cory were both crying at the beginning.  Love that we wrote our own vows
What Kristine's learned since:  that it's pointless to buy Cory Christmas presents because he guess all of them.
Best thing about Cory:  he loves me more than himself and always shows me that  He loves Jesus the most.
Best feature of Cory's:  eyes and smile

We text Cory this picture below: His response: My heart is pounding 

We told Kristine he was on sight and she screamed.  (2nd pic below)
I asked him if he wanted to turn around and watch her walk or if he wanted her to come tap him...he chose the later - it was the sweetest moment.
Large parties make for fun groups!!  We had a blast!
Not the end..just the beginning :) Since you lasted this long - here's an outtake - did I mention it was 185 degrees outside? Well maybe not that hot but it felt like it to us during the photos!  Aren't the twins amazing!

And now hopefully I will get caught up on all the shoots that have happened since this day.  I have done a couple but there are more, lots more.  Thank you all for praying for our family when my dad (Tina's grandfather) passed away in October.  We miss him more than you know but I get a smile on my face when I think that he is in heaver with His savior - and he's learning everything he ever wondered about on earth.  I just can't wait to see him again.  Thanks for being patient while we try to catch up on our lives that were put on hold. 

Merry Christmas.  To God be the glory.

Love you Tina and Cory - thanks for letting us capture your day.

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Anonymous December 19, 2012 at 2:51 PM  

Love, love, love these...and y'all! I would love to see all 9,000, and I can't imagine how hard it was to choose. I hate it that we live so far away, but I'm so glad you were able to capture the excitement and joy from their day.

Anonymous December 19, 2012 at 4:38 PM  

You are so amazing! And so are they...what a beautiful couple. It was am amazing day but you are an awesome photographer! Thanks for sharing (saw the link on insta) Come visit us! xox!

Anonymous December 30, 2012 at 8:56 PM  

I don't think I've ever seen such beautiful wedding pictures. You captured each moment perfectly!

Cami Czech

PatriciaArt August 27, 2013 at 11:15 AM  

I just find your blog accidentally and I have to tell you ~ pure JOY!!! I'm big fan of your work, great images ~ keep going

Unknown September 19, 2013 at 5:30 PM  

Patricia thank you sooo much!!!!

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