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Monday, March 24, 2014

Murrieta Engagement | Hawk Ranch | Temecula Valley Wedding Photographer

Well this sweet girl is my niece...not really...she is actually my second cousin...but has always called me Auntie Tracy since her mom is more like a sister than a cousin... and Lauren feels like a niece...we have always loved her so much...and have had a blast with her growing up.  

She always used to tell Robert (my husband) that he had to have THE talk with whoever she was going to marry...They came down, we did the photos and Seth and Robert had that "I want to marry your niece" talk...We fell in love with Seth from the start and can't wait for their wedding coming up in June at the most beautiful venue up North...

ANYWAY - she is gorgeous inside and out and met the man of her dreams who is just the best. We had a blast...  We took the photos at a place called Hawk Ranch (it's an amazing place - simply beautiful to photograph at and wander around .... and the owners are as nice as can be!!)

and then we wandered to a field at the end..because as you know - plain old fields are just a must if we can get to one...somehow the light is always the best at a plain old dirty field..why is that???  the sun was gone but we just loved the light at the field this day..

Makeup by Monique..of course ... because she does an amazing job...

enjoy all the pics!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pasadena Wedding Photography | San Gabriel Church of Our Savior | Pasadena Wedding Photographer

Amazing wedding in Pasadena - the venue was so gorgeous - the whole wedding party amazing...and the day just beautiful!  Loved every single person I met. The family connections and the friends went deep amongst the guests- they were so connected to each other - through friendships, missionaries, family, adoption, homeschool, college....  I met incredible people that were adopting sweet kids through the foster system and well you know adoption is very close to my heart so they come to mind first!

The church is in San Gabriel - Church of our Savior - there was a ton of history at the church - the back part of the church was the original church where famous WWII general George Patton, Jr. attended with his family! You will love the church as you look through the photos - it was gorgeous.
Still catching up on blogging! This took place in October 2012. Jessy had the blogpost ready but I have been a bit behind in blogging..sorry!!

Reception coordinated by Kristyann of Joyful Kreations
Kevin and Kristin's website  - for all the photos..

A fun story about Kristin's dress from Kristin .... Choosing “the dress” was the most difficult part and the point where I made my biggest mistake. After several stressful and unsuccessful trips to various shops, I settled on a dress. Let me emphasize the settled part. My wedding was fast approaching and the stress of not having the dress yet and the pressure from all corners was assuaged once I had it in my possession. It was a really lovely dress but the longer I had it hanging in my closet the less satisfied I felt. It didn't fit the venue we chose, my body began to fit it oddly, and my mom practically loathed it. That meant a lot to me. Weeks went by with fruitless research until I stumbled upon Dahlia Bridal in San Diego. It houses a small but well curated collection of consignment and sample dresses and it was the answer to my anxious prayers. The owner, who is truly wonderful, allowed me to trade my dress for the dotted Christos Maribel dress I fell in love with and wore on my wedding day. Looking back, I can’t imagine the day wearing anything else.

And her dress was truly gorgeous...

Monday, March 10, 2014

Newborn Lifestyle Photography | Associate Work | Menifee Newborn Photographer

And to see these hilarious sisters' newborn brother who is as cute as can be....

please click this link: JandLPhotography - he is the sweetest cutest thing but you must click on their blog to see him!1  

The shoot is amazing!!  I am so proud of the girls...and I'm loving the new chalkboard wall in Stephanies room...actually very proud of myself as I painted it - go me!

Don't forget for more photos click here:  Julius Sivilay  ... and please "like" this here and on their page too.  xo

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hart High School Senior Portrait

Associate Work... Hart High School Senior...for more photos head to the Associate blog: JandLPhoto

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hamilton High School Senior Portrait | Haley | Los Angeles Senior Portrait Photographer

Associate Work.

I have taken some time off the past couple months and for the next two months from shooting (if you have booked me prior to this decision, don't worry ... I have it scheduled!)  We have had a lot of basketball and softball and it has been so nice to just concentrate on my family this season. We had an extremely busy wedding season last year (photographed 18!) and I needed some time to catch up on the albums as well.  I am going to start booking again in May for lifestyle sessions and I am currently booking for weddings.   My associates have been taking my overflow work and have done an amazing job.  The main associate photographer has worked with me for 5 years and currently does all my shoots with me, my editing and my album design (and she happens to be my daughter)...the newest employee has been with me for 5 months and happens to be my niece :)  She is great with the camera and amazing at all the administrative side.   You can click on the link in the bar to follow their blog.

I am going to keep my associate business open even when I start booking for May as it's something my clients can benefit from in the future.  If you love the quality and service of my company but want to save on the price, by booking an associate photographer, you will get a similar style to mine, but the editing and image transfer will be through Tracy Dodson Photography.

For more on this lovely senior girl please click here: Haley

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Newborn Photogrpahy | Temecula Valley Newborn Photographer | Sophia

Associate Work - the girls have graciously taken on my photoshoots for the past couple months as we have had 4 children on 6 sports teams!  Loving this associate business :)

Nothing better than shooting someone's wedding and then getting to photograph their children!!  (you can click to see their wedding).

This sweet baby was actually captured by my daughter Jessy and niece Lissy. I have an associate business which we started this year to help me not turn away any clients. We have so many sports going on that I am not booking myself until spring - or when softball ends - these girls have done an amazing job!! They are working on getting their own blog off the ground and I will share that when they do.

We love to photograph newborns not so "studio-ish..." but a bit more lifestyle and real.... This is baby Sophia...and she is GORGEOUS!  I am so proud of my girls - they did a beautiful job!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Newborn and One Month Old Baby Girl | Shiloh | Temecula Valley Newborn Photographer

This sweet baby was born on Christmas....Great gift for the parents and the family but all Stephanie could think was that everyone would get presents on Shiloh's birthday...I told her that's what Jesus thinks!!  .... and here is Tina and Cory's wedding just September 2012.

Here are a few from the hospital...this is actually the 26th...

Life was a bit crazy as she was a traveling baby for her first month...when she finally settled down we stole her for a day and took some pics!!  It took FOREVER to get her to sleep - whoever said babies sleep all day must have been a little psycho...

 xo Here she is at one month old - there's a sneak from today at the end too....
Here's a sneak at two months!
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