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Friday, March 18, 2011

Matt + Lauren Part 3 | Admiral Kidd Club | Temecula Valley Wedding Photographer

Click for: Part 1  and  Part 2


Romantics, Ceremony and Reception… yes…it’s long!


We took pictures at the hotel before…did the first look and then went to the ceremony site and fortunately took more pictures!  You will know why I say fortunately when we get to the ceremony part of this post.  Jessy and Emma were awesome and took many pictures alongside me.


M&L Romantics   009j rep

It’s awesome to have many shooters…so many different angles:


M&L Romantics   004 rep


M&L Romantics  J3   017 rep bw


M&L E   0294

M&L Romantics  J3   006 rep

Jessy took this random boat – looks like a pirate ship!M&L Details J3  044j rep



        M&L Romantics   069j repM&L Romantics   061j rep


           M&L Romantics   037j repM&L Romantics   095 snap


on to Admiral Kidd….

M&L Romantics  J3   098M&L Romantics   115 repM&L Romantics   124 rep          M&L Romantics   133j repM&L Romantics   135 rep

M&L Romantics  J3   105 bw

this next one is a Jessy classic…M&L Romantics  J3   118 repM&L Romantics   139 rep

M&L Romantics   146 bwM&L Romantics   159 snap


M&L Romantics   113j repromantics 109 rep


The ceremony…..


Is this okay to admit on the blog? The pastor was late….this next picture  is Matt explaining to everyone…It was sweet and funny – Everyone knew neither of them were backing out!  The wedding was to start at 5:00 p.m….I think it started at 5:40 OR So which was sunset….I pumped up my ISO and also used my flash when I had to… So excuse all the different lighting…Some are regular at high ISO, some are flash – I love them all :)


It’s about 5::25  here (I know because my camera says – ha ha)  and sunset was at 5:40 so it was getting pretty dark….This is taken with no flash…Isn’t the city awesome in the background?

M&L Ceremony   026j rep

We took this while we were waiting for the pastor…everyone was seated on the other side so they didn’t see Lauren.  I loved how she didn’t want to to see anyone until the ceremony.  The light was going but we got a good one:  This is her beautiful Mom – who did all the amazing design and details of the day.

M&L Family   013 snap

Oh here he is!  He was hilarious!  Max, Lauren’s dad said, “get a picture of the late pastor!!”…so I did :)

The pastor was awesome and totally good natured…made everyone feel at ease. There was a lot of traffic getting to the venue…He had everyone laughing when he came up….Made for a fun ceremony!

M&L Ceremony   029j rep

How awesome is this guy????  He and another stood at attention the whole ceremony – well maybe that is not the right term.  He stood nice and still…That’s Matt’s mom on the right – she is as nice and sweet as Matt!

M&L Ceremony   032j repM&L Ceremony   038j rep


OH he kills me!  That smile!  and he has perfect teeth…

M&L Ceremony   041j rep


There is no texture on this picture – it’s just how high the ISO Had to be due to the light or lack of it – I think it looks like a painting.  This little was was soooo cute – she is only two years old….They tried to bribe her coming down the aisle but in the end her mom carried her…

M&L Ceremony   043j rep


Here comes the BEAUTIFUL bride…It’s fun to look through all the pictures…Lauren did NOT take her eyes from Matt’s the entire way down the aisle – she has eyes ONLY for him – it was so sweet.  The entire time – we take continuous pictures and she never moved her eyes from his.M&L Ceremony   059j rep

Matt looking at Lauren…

M&L E   1061 crop

How cool are the swords?????  They did it for everyone entering….Matt watched her the entire time as well…I LOVE weddings!

M&L Ceremony J3  020j repM&L Ceremony   067

M&L E   1095 r

Matt looked so intently at Lauren’s father – so respectful…so sweet.  This was Max’s first daughter married…I know it must be hard for a daddy to let the first baby go…well probably any daughter!

            M&L Ceremony   065j repM&L Ceremony   074j repM&L E   1106 bw

I am a big fan of black and white…sometimes I can’t decide which is better!

M&L Ceremony   087j rep

M&L Ceremony   091j repM&L E   1142 bw


Looking for the ring…fortunately I have seen this trick before – they had her ring the whole day…I couldn’t’ even take pictures of it earlier so I did have a second of “oh no!”M&L Ceremony   105j rep


How amazing is this next shot?  so so so so so beautiful!

M&L Ceremony J3  030j rep


Had to put the flash on to catch the FIRST kiss…as the pastor termed it…

     M&L Ceremony   124j repM&L Ceremony   126j rep

Now presenting Mr. and Mrs. Matt Meadows…

M&L Ceremony J3  047j rep


so happy together…

M&L Ceremony   135j rep


The Marine with the sword  on the left actually smacked Lauren on the back side! 

M&L Ceremony J3  052 rM&L Romantics   175j heazy

and a few of the reception…

M&L Reception   044 repM&L Reception   042 rep

There were lots of special dances…This is Matt’s Nana – I loved this woman – she was so awesome the whole day and night – she took amazing pictures everywhere she went and was as sweet as can be…no wonder she got a special dance!

M&L Reception   062M&L E   1666 BW         M&L E   1905 BWM&L E   1913 BW

So I think we all knew who really WANTED that bouquet!  Kelsey is boxing out back there…I think she might have shoved that little girl over…just kidding!

M&L Reception   303


And she got it!  And….????????  I believe Shane took the hint even if he didn’t catch the garter…M&L Reception   304

M&L Reception   305Tons of fun dancing….

        M&L Reception   161M&L Reception   359

M&L Reception   328

There’s Matt…I was wondering what happened to him…M&L Reception   336M&L Reception   350

So I have many more pictures…it’s always hard for me to choose and narrow down.  Lauren you will have fun going through them.  Pics of special special people and lots of memories.   I can’t wait to make this album – it will be so beautiful.  Love you both – it was a privilege to shoot your best day and to meet all your family.  I feel like family now too and you better call me when your family grows…please???


Off to check my March Madness brackets…hoping I didn’t misspell anything…xoxoxo


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