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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Family Photography San Clemente | Associate Work | Temecula Family Photographer

Somehow we got crazy busy this year and pulled off 17 weddings...with the 18th happening this Saturday. Because of this I stopped booking other sessions but was sad as I love the babies, families, kids and seniors especially. We decided to open up a part of the business offering Associate Work. Jessy has shot with me for all the years I have been in business...She has shot over 40 weddings honestly and multiple families, seniors and babies and children - 100s probably...Jessy also does most of the work (90% at least) after the shoots...She is talented in her own right and ready to take this on...
Anyhoo...Her cousin moved down to help her and learn this business and they are running the Associate Work.   Lissy has always has an eye for photography and art, she is so gifted at administration and client relations, and is awesome with that camera. Lissy is learning all the aspects of the business from shooting to processing, editing and all the other things it entails. She is a fast learner and has been an enormous asset already in just one month. She is hilarious and fun and the two of them together make an amazing team. They have shot about 9 shoots in the past month so stay tuned for more blog posts to come... And they still have a few more booked for 2013. I have always limited myself to a few shoots a month and have had to turn down a lot of work (as this is part time for me as a busy Mom) but Jessy could always handle more work,  so this is an exciting time for all of us. They have amazing equipment, top of the line Canon 5D mark 2 and 3 cameras and an amazing line up of L lenses....coupled with TONS of experience...and they are just plain awesome to be with.   You can contact them at  I am sure I can give you any reference from the last 9 shoots as everyone is raving about their work.  
This has taken off so quickly that we are both fully booked now for 2013... if you are interested in booking for 2014 please contact us at or
I am still taking on weddings and some shoots but when I am booked, or you want a slightly lower price...the girls will take on the extra work that we no longer need to turn down and you will still receive the benefits of the Tracy Dodson Photography brand and get these two amazing photographers with our style and our processing.   This was the first family shoot Jessy and Lissy did on their own... Their pictures are intermingled as they do this together... It is really hard to shoot large families with all it entails and not make it boring or too posed - placing them and setting them up and showing personality takes a lot ...they captured emotion, love, fun  and proper lighting and I am so proud of the two of them.  

Enjoy their fun day with this awesome family

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California Wedding Day
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On the Temecula List!
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