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Friday, July 20, 2012


Just thought I would do an update on my life. I have neglected this blog - not because I don't have amazing images to blog from seniors to weddings but rather because my Dad has been having some health problems and I have been helping.

This picture was from when my I was just a little girl - I love it and it's one of my favorite pictures of them....maybe I took it - hahaha? I don't know - I was forever playing with my mom's brownie I think it was called!  But it probably is not me taking the picture as there is a a baby swing in the corner and I was the last baby.....

 So this is just to say - I am still around - have things to blog and I will....I have been editing just not blogging!

My dad faces another amputation on Tuesday. He is not a diabetic - he has suffered from high blood pressure his whole life and let it go unchecked for far too long. High blood pressure is genetic - go get it checked - guess which apple from the tree also has it? Yep - me! High blood pressure doesn't just affect your heart - it affects all your organs. 6 1/2 years ago he went on dialysis - which is incredibly hard -it's a big machine hooked to you body that cycles the blood for you because your kidneys don't work - that comes with it's own set of issues.   He also has poor circulation - you need good circulation because if you get a cut - the body needs oxygen and good blood supply to heal the wound. My dad stubbed his toe a few months back and it wouldn't heal. They tried one amputation and that is not healing. Tuesday it will go a little higher but still stay below the knee. If that doesn't work we will go to the thigh. 

We went to the doctor yesterday to discuss the surgery and I passed a wound care center - I ran in there and was able to get my dad an appointment - it was crazy - it seemed so high tech in there. We viewed all the hyperbaric chambers and toured the facility. We are praying to get the hyperbaric all approved - the treatments cost upwards from $30,000. The insurance they have is a nightmare - not sure how people have trusted Obama with the healthcare system of his. Our surgeon told us that in Canada - my dad would wait 8 months for this surgery - and so you know  he would die if that was the case.  That is what is happening in Canada - people die waiting.  The wound care center and the surgeon are taking on the insurance company for us so my mom doesn't have too.   My mom is amazing and understands all of this. I can't believe how smart you have to be at 76 years old - My mom is working behind the scenes for my dad more than you can ever know.

Sounds easy right? Nothing is easy - my dad has no foot - is tied to a wheelchair and has to be transported everywhere by an ambulance - that with also being transported to dialysis 3 days a week. He is in a rehab facility 35 minutes away. Please pray for strength for my mom, and please pray for healing for my dad and for the insurance to go through. We all take turns sitting at the hospital or nursing home with my dad. While the facility is great, you wouldn't believe how helpful it is to be in the room with him. I also believe it helps the care - we get to know all the nurses - they are just amazing with him and they all love him.  I walk the halls of the nursing home and it seems like the people are by themselves and lonely.  Today Dani and I are going to go ask which Grandmas don't have visitors and we are going to go visit.  My dad has a roommate before we moved him to a private room.  His name was Eugene.   He had been there a week with only one visitor - most of his kids lived across the country.   He told me that he had only seen a doctor once.  There was no one there advocating for him.  As nice as the nurses are - they can't do everything.  Even last night I went in there and his oxygen tube had too much condensation in it - I got the nurse and she changed it.  That can cause pneumonia - but the nurses wouldn't notice that - they have too much else to do.

This past 3 weeks (which feel like a year) with him have been the sweetest thing ever. We have all sat by his bedside and listened to his stories of growing up, how he got saved, what he did in North Korea.  He talks to all the nurses about his wife and family, especially Stephanie.   He likes my mom there the best - they have been married 52 years and he is pretty dependent on her!  She basically goes and sits there for 5 hours or so and then makes phones calls - it's exhausting.  She is my hero at all she does.   I do some of the same things - calling social workers, doctors and pushing things that need to be pushed.  I deal with the doctors a lot and ask all the questions and take notes for my mom. We bring Robert along as much as possible to talk to the doctors.  Please pray for my kids as I am gone a lot.   Patty was here for a long time - and when we went to Lake Powell she stayed out here so I could have a vacation with my family.  She comes and sings to him and now calls and sings to him and he loves it.  Patty is like an angel of mercy.  I have never seen anything like it.   Both my brothers have been here.  Steve was in San Diego and was able to come for a visit.  Scott was able to come the weekend he had his first surgery - and if you knew his crazy life I am not sure how he pulled it off being in the midst of a move.   My Aunt came and stayed a week with my mom when we went to Lake Powell - so family has been amazing.  With all the family - we can't have visitors for my dad right now as we are one very LARGE family - but we CHERISH your prayers.  We have seen the hand of God moving so specifically.

I can also say this - I know beyond a shadow of a doubt where my Dad will be when he leaves this earth. He will be with Jesus Christ - the creator and sustainer of this universe. Nothing can be more comforting that that. If you don't know Jesus - get to know Him - please go read the book of John. The Bible is true and right. Truth is just that - it's truth - it is not relative - there is only one truth.  My dad was so active his whole life and yet there he lays on a bed.  He has been left on a gurney a couple times - not out of neglect - it just happens in all the transportation that happens- he lays there and quotes the Psalms until they can get him moved.   I can't tell you how my heart aches for all the elderly in the nursing facility that don't know Christ and are scared and lonely.  My dad is never alone as Christ is with him.  Thanks for praying. 

I wrote this quickly - sorry if it is choppy, if there is misspelling or it doesn't make sense.  Thanks for following my little blog and for always supporting my little photography business!  Thanks for all the comments and emails. 



Julie Martin July 21, 2012 at 1:17 AM  

Love and prayers! I have alot of time to pray these days and your Dad and family have been in them.

theG4zoo July 27, 2012 at 10:09 PM  

wow, T... Totally crying right now. Love you all so much... praying for everyone. xoxo

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