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Monday, July 23, 2012

Francisco and Tawney | Murrieta Wedding Photography | Temecula Valley Wedding Photographer

I have known Tawney since she was 11 and boy was I lot younger :) She is incredibly special to me and I am so thankful that I could be such a big part of her most special day. There is nothing like being the photographer - it's hard to believe I get to do this - it's really the greatest job!   I am blessed!

Tawney's version of how they met: We were complete strangers but worked in the same sports center facility (I coached volleyball and he did personal training) What are the odds that a complete stranger who is HOT actually be someone that loves the Lord, wants to live for Him, and be called, gifted, and passionate about the same things as I am?! Guess this is where God humbled me and reassured me that He loves His children and gives us exactly what we need for our good and for His glory! So that is kind of where I left it… but Francisco didn’t! He would always stare at me when I would walk in and I just kept thinking in my head… I don’t think its going to work… I have way too high of standards. LOL! Oh God is so good… one night I was at coffee with two of my girlfriends and I got an email from a Francisco Martinez… I couldn’t believe it… I told my friends “It is that cute guy from the gym!!!” We met that Friday morning for breakfast at Penfold’s and we fell in love!!! 

For Francisco's story click here

Thanks to Jessy Dodson for shooting the whole wedding with me.  Special thanks to Carri Roman who went and took Fransisco's getting ready shots as a gift to them.

Wedding was planned, decorated and run perfectly by Tracy Farrell.  She really is amazing.  She makes my job a lot easier and I HIGHLY Recommend her! She did everything on this wedding, even the flowers.  It was fun visiting her garage and seeing it all come together!!! 

Hair and Makeup by Monique Tinahui - and I know - I say it all the time - she is the BEST - that's it.  Hands down.  Her makeup lasts all day and she knows how to apply it specifically for photography.  I think Tawney's updo was just gorgeous!

Loved the whole day - their First Look pictures are amongst my favorites.  If he prays that long everytime they sit down to eat, their food will need reheating.

Fransisco has this on their website...I think you can see why SHE fell in LOVE with HIM!

A Perfect Blessing

I am speechless. I am in awe. I am so grateful. I am so inspired. I am so in love with the one who chose me. This new phase in my life is so perfect, for nothing happens out of the perfect will of God. I don't know what God has in store, but I do know that it is to glorify him, and wherever he leads and sends we will obey and follow. He has given me a fiance because he knows that I am better capable to serve him with her by my side.

 I know she has been waiting for this much longer than I, but I have too been waiting for her. I can recall praying for her before I knew her. I recall praying that God keep my future wife in the Word, in Christ, in a great church, with great mentors and leaders. I would pray that God glorify himself through her. That she would have the same passions and desires. I prayed for this future wife every chance I could get. I knew how important it was to God's ultimate purpose. But, the thing is that I didn't get this dream girl of mine. I didn't get this girl I prayed for. I got something much more. I got the one God had for me (well still lord willingly, until we say I do). I got the girl that surpasses the one of my dreams and the one I prayed for.

Tawney, I love you for so many reasons, and I am sure I will soon find more as our life continues to go on together.

Tawney I love you because you make into a humble man
Tawney I love you because I don't deserve you.
Tawney I love you because I am honored.
Tawney I love you because I rejoice always in Him when I think of you.
Tawney I love you because you make me into a godly man.
Tawney I love you because you love Him first.
Tawney I love you because you are strong.
Tawney I love you because you are wise.
Tawney I love you because you are a hard worker.
Tawney I love you because you pursue holiness and righteousness
Tawney I love you because you love God's perfect Word
Tawney I love you because you want to live a biblical world view.
Tawney I love you because you are patient.
Tawney I love you because you love the Haitians.
Tawney I love you because you love the Mexicans.
Tawney I love you because you make me laugh.
Tawney I love you because you make me smile.
Tawney I love you because you radiate God's glory.
Tawney I love you because you are selfless
Tawney I love you because of God's Spirit in you.
Tawney I love you because you are passionate.
Tawney I love you because you are kind and caring.
Tawney I love you because of everything you are and represent.
Tawney I love you because you are adamant.
Tawney I love you because you stand firm.
Tawney I love you because you love me.

 I love you because God has loved me.

Love to both of you - so excited to be a part of your day and honored to serve together with you at FBC.



Unknown July 24, 2012 at 7:29 AM  

Trac- the wedding was a such a beautiful and God-honoring day, but even just 2 months later the memories are fading so I am go grateful that you captured the joy of that day in pics! When I go back and look at these, I re-capture the magic of that day. Tawney said ALL ALONG that the most important part of her wedding was the PHOTOGRAPHER! As is iften the case, she was right. We love you and can't thatnk you enough <3

Unknown July 25, 2012 at 11:16 AM  

terry - thank you so much for your SUPER amazing kind words. What a blessing. you are all a blessing to me. xo tracy

Jon Pride August 2, 2012 at 2:06 AM  

One of your best weddings. *specialbestmoment* when they hold their hands around the corner and pray for each other! :-)

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