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Monday, September 13, 2010

Josh & Kimmi | Monetelone Meadows | Part 2

When Josh and Kimmi first met, I called my brother as Josh went to his church….I thought our questions for each other and responses were hilarious! He asked me if Kimmi was good enough for Josh and I laughed out loud and said that I was just about to ask the same thing! We had arguments over who was better!!! hahahaha but I must say after getting to know Josh – he is awesome – we kept telling Kimmi – don’t mess up! Even his family is perfect :) I still think Josh overmarried (just kidding Josh)….although I’m sure he agrees – she is a GEM.

The sun was high over head as we shot the girls pictures – I wish it was better light but they are all so beautiful – so happy – so fun – so friendly – all loved Kimmi. Awesome group of girls. I like the bright light at the back of their heads….

Flynn Girls 30D023


I like black and whites in this light/Flynn Girls 30D003bw

They were all this happy the whole time!Flynn Girls 30D027

I love her colors – the light was so pretty right here – we grabbed a quick shot of their shoes prior to her heading in the cars to the wedding :) I love the flower girl running in the picture! :)

Flynn Girls 5D135repair

Matrons of honor - both sisters….Kasey

kasey kimmi


and together….

Flynn Girls 30D034r Kimmi’s daughter RyleeFlynn Girls 5D001light

The other flower girls are Kimmi’s nieces (Mike and Kristin’s children)

Flynn Girls 5D002Flynn Girls 5D018repair

Flynn Girls 5D009prt

Flynn Girls 5D011 Flynn Girls 5D027LE

Flynn Girls 5D101snap Flynn Girls 5D104kpdgirls

Flynn Girls 5D127

oh my goodness – are they cute????

Flynn Girls 5D130r

Holly and I met with Kimmi for a long time – we just love her dearly and have many memories of our backyard talks. Prayed lots for her future husband! It’s actually how Holly and I got to be friends – we both had hearts for Kimmi and asked if we could meet with her together –poor girl – not sure she knew what she was getting! Funny how God brings people together!!!Flynn Girls 5D165

and finally - I know people were wondering when I would get to Josh – if you know me – you know I am an accountant…so I go in chronological order !….This is JOSH! Mr. Perfect for Kimmi...

Flynn Groomsmen038kpd Flynn Josh Groom006snap

Flynn Josh Groom002snapFlynn Josh Groom016rep

Flynn Josh Groom010repair Flynn Josh Groom063repairFlynn Josh Groom048repair

Flynn Groomsmen047Flynn Groomsmen106kpd


wesFlynn Groomsmen003kpdFlynn Groomsmen017kpdsoftFlynn Groomsmen171kpd IMG_0838repair

I loved all the colors – the purple and black looked amazing.

Flynn Bridal Party010repair

They are all so good looking – it looks like a set up picture – but I promise everyone was really in it!

Flynn Bridal Party015repair

Part 1 is underneath this post :)


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