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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Josh & Kimmi Flynn | Monteleone Meadows | Temecula Wedding Photography Part 1

Kimmi and Josh met on a blind date set up by her brother in law. Hearing Josh tell the story is hilarious – Mike (Kimmi’s brother in law) told Josh that she was really pretty….Josh figured she was attractive and trusted Mike as to her Godliness but due to Mike’s love for her as a sister he thought Mike was overstating her beauty…until he met her! I’m sure when he walked in the room, his jaw dropped! The text I received from Kimmi a few weeks after the blind date was that he was Godly, a leader and wait till I saw him – he was even hot! All the qualities she was looking for :) They are amazing with each other and perfect compliments.

Kimmi and I go way back – I love her dearly . It was such an honor to shoot her wedding. We have been waiting for this man for a long time – he was worth the wait. He is simply perfect for her. it was hard for me sometimes to shoot the wedding because I kept crying – when she walked back up that aisle married, I lost it! I must admit that when she walked down, I had to remember to put my camera up! That happened to me a couple times during the ceremony! And one time I almost ran into a tree! Not sure anyone saw that….

Their wedding was simply beautiful. I loved the colors she chose, everything was perfect. It’s precious to see something pull together and to watch Kimmi’s dreams lived out. Being the photographer is just the best – I get to be involved in all the fun moments –I just love it!

Wasn’t sure which one of the next two I liked better…so you can see them both. There is one pic that is the same and how funny that I put it on either end – I forgot that I made one, and made another!

getready triptych Flynn Get Ready0442picsgettingready Flynn Get Ready047

I thought this was cute – in a tank top and then in the dress (which was beautiful – wait till you see the detail close up later on!diptych Flynn Get Ready058j repair Flynn Get Ready073j repair Flynn Get Ready082j repair

Praying with the girls (who were all amazing by the way)….such awesome supports to their sister, cousin and friend…. Emma took these of the girls praying (Emma - thanks for being their and anticipating this part - I love these pics)….I love shooting weddings with Emma and Jessy (Jessy couldn't come to Kimmi's due to her knee surgery- very sad)...

Flynn GR E180 bw Flynn GR E194 bw

Doesn’t she have the sweestet face ever?

Flynn GR E200 bw

Flynn Kimmi Bride031j repair

Her hair looked so beautiful.

Flynn Kimmi Bride064j repairtdwFlynn Kimmi Bride049j repiar

Kimmi didn’t need any touching up – litterally – straight out of the camera, she looks amazing!

Flynn Kimmi Bride113snapFlynn Kimmi Bride119snap Flynn Kimmi Bride110repair

Flynn Kimmi Bride123soft Flynn Kimmi Bride054j repairFlynn Kimmi Bride130r


Miller Family September 12, 2010 at 11:00 PM  

Love them all!! Amazing job. So glad I was be a part of such a precious day!! And so glad you were the photographer! :)

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