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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Central Valley Wedding | Grant and Anna | Temecula Valley Wedding Photography

I'm not really sure what to say about this wedding - it truly was the most perfect day with incredible people. I have never been so affected by a family - they were the nicest and most giving (serving) people I have ever been around. They served everyone the whole day - the entire family - it was truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The wedding party was 10 on each side (so including them 22)....and then I believe 19 or 20 children...and yes they all walked down the aisle. Most of it was lovingly decorated by Anna's mom...the florist was amazing - the whole place gorgeous.   Her dress was one of the prettiest I have ever seen...with an amazing lacey veil..I have adoption in common with her family and his family so that was super amazing as well...I asked her what she calls her clients - not sure what we were talking about but I asked her a question about her job and she said she calls them all her babies...when you see all the kids in the wedding you will know that these "babies" have the best pediatrician ever...I'm sure she missed them all when she went away!  and he's the same!!  I got to know her sisters more as you spend more time with them all getting ready - we miss all of them- they were super fun...their relationships amazing.  The mom cracked me up because as she was decorating the entire place (which was her home), she kept coming up to us and asking us what we needed - food, drink etc....Still when I talk to Anna she says the sweetest, kindest things ever...I know Anna's sister pretty well - and I always knew she was amazing - it was so fun to get to know them all together for just one day - I was sad some of them live far far away - Rachael (who I know) was the maid of honor and you can see the joy on her face in every photo - truly so happy for her sister and her new brother in law.  

 She's my kind of bride- she LOVED taking photos - she kept saying we could take photos forever and you can see it in their photos - they were so happy the whole time - so in love and so adoring of each other....
Seriously you need to go on the PASS site and see all the photos in the photographer favorites will miss out if you don't check out the whole thing...GRANT AND ANNA ...but do that after you see this post...

Grant and Anna are both doctors - she's a pediatrician, he's family practice...they met working on rounds...She comes from a family of all girls, he from all boys - they are both the last to be married in their families - they grew up the same way - on farms....they are both gorgeous...they both love children, love their families...They fell in love through letters...they both grew up without a TV...both parents are still deeply in love... loved the same things constantly during the day... he was so thoughtful of her during all the photos and wanted all the photos to be special as she grew up there....He spent his summers in Yosemite, she on her family farm..They both take care of children...they both admit they would be very content spending their days in a chair by the seaside.

Don't you just love them????

Florist:  Suzanne with European Garden
Cake Artist:  Goodies Bakery
DJ:  Davey Gravette
Hair:  Jesenia
Venue:  Bride's childhood home 

Enjoy.... Go check out the Pass site..

Love you guys!!


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California Wedding Day

California Wedding Day
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On the Temecula List!
California Wedding Day


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