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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Valencia Wedding | Robinson Ranch Country Club | Valencia Wedding Photography

This wedding was an extra special one for the groom is my husband's brother. We met Eric when he was 17...sounds weird to say we met him when he was 17 - but we did .... Robert was adopted and we got connected with his biological family when he was 27!  We were starting the adoption process for our own family and figured we needed more medical history on Robert.  When they got to our files they were able to connect us with Robert's biological father.   Eric flew out to meet us and never went back...he lived with us for the last 2 years of high school! It was a huge blessing and he was truly a gift to all of us.  

Two years later  we sent him off to college the Santa Clarita area - he ended up living out there, and a few years later got his hair cut by this beauty you will see in these images...and the rest is history! She is a doll- we love her so much and we are so thankful for his choice.   We met her at the zoo this past year and fell in love with her from the beginning - she is so sweet and funny and fits right in.

This venue was so beautiful - as you know if you have followed my blog for awhile I love WEEDS - the photograph so pretty and this one had the weeds I especially like right by this pretty bridge!!!  Maybe they aren't weeds but they grow wild in I am assuming they are! 

They got married at the end of August at Robinson Ranch Golf Club in Santa Clarita... Ashley works at a place called the Blo Out Lounge in Valencia - she and her girls got ready in the lounge - it's an amazing place - pink which fits Ashley perfectly as she loves pink!  The getting ready photos are in the PASS account also listed at the end of this post.  Her wedding prep photos are so fun - we did a Marilyn Monroe pose and she is sitting below the check it out!  All the vendors are listed at the end of this post as well...Her dress was beautiful like her, had sparkles and was simply gorgeous.  I love the PASS account because now you can see all my favorites and my blog can be just a highlight.

I handed my camera to Stephanie (my 8 year old - she's in the greenish blue dress dancing with a bridesmaid).   She took the funniest reception photos.  Everyone posed for her - so when you think I am all at an angle and everyone is bending down making awesome faces - it was Stephanie!  I like having her at weddings - people always pose for her!   Check out her photos in the Reception collection of the PASS.

Ashley and the girls (and at the end the men) - choreographed a dance at the reception - it was awesome! 

Enjoy their day!
To order prints and see all the photos click here: Eric and Ashley PASS ACCOUNT

Hotel:  Hyatt Regency Valencia
Wedding Prep:  Blo Out Lounge - hair and makeup.   Valencia Town Center
Hair and Makeup:  Anet at the Blo Out Lounge
Venue:  Robinson Ranch Golf Club
Videographer:  Graham Kelly
Florist:  Charmaines 
Cake Artist:  Jill's Cake Creation
DJ:  Christopher Bay

And yes...we are a bit behind - we shot 4 weddings in one week...yes 4 - one more in september and 3 back to back saturdays in October and November...that with associate shoots, and Jessy having an ER injury to her thumb caused a bit of a back up...we are about coming up for air...and Jessy is now having surgery on Wednesday for a should that keeps dislocating...keep her in your prayers!!  Thankful to have Lissy, my niece, move down to help us and launch the associate part of our business!

Here's an awesome link to a video Eric made for Ashley and showed it at their reception.




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