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Friday, October 14, 2011

It's A GIRL!!!!!! | San Diego Baby Photographer | Tracy Dodson Photography

One of the most amazing, interesting and fun things I have done....very unique yes?

Noelle Nunez Birth   005VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   009VANILLA

I know right? Who is this cute waiting to have a baby?? Her maternity pics are right here CLICK FOR MATERNITY

Noelle Nunez Birth   011VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   027VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   016VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   030VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   043VANILLA

one thing in common in all births is cell phone talking!!!

Noelle Nunez Birth   053VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   054VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   055VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   059VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   065VANILLA

Why do hospitals get that good ball ice - I think all our refrigerators should make this ice!

Noelle Nunez Birth   111VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   113VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   119VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   120VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   230VANILLA

visiting mommy...showing me her baby...

Noelle Nunez Birth   264VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   280VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   363VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   364VANILLA

it’s a girl!Noelle Nunez Birth   417VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   421VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   435VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   467VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   469VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   488VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   493VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   514VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   523VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   528VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   529VANILLA

Noelle Nunez Birth   570VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   580VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   592VANILLA

Noelle Nunez Birth   609VANILLA

Noelle Nunez Birth   784VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   787VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   795VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   858VANILLANoelle Nunez Birth   859VANILLA

Noelle Nunez Birth   862VANILLA

Frame this please...

Noelle Nunez Birth   891VANILLA

and they are all in color too:

Noelle Nunez Birth   980

and just in case there weren't enough pictures for is a slideshow..

there seems to be a black vingette on this - it is not there on my screen :) must be an uploading thing...but it's still good nonetheless...enjoy :)


Anonymous October 14, 2011 at 10:52 PM  

This is just too sweet for words..

Hannah banana October 17, 2011 at 10:27 PM  

I love Danielle and her family. They are so sweet. Great pictures!!!

Hannah Limon

erinlitteral October 10, 2013 at 10:13 AM  

Sooo beautiful. Has me a little teary.

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