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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Derrick & Leah Part 2 | Candelas on the Bay | Coronado | San Diego Wedding Photography

For Part 1 – click here

Ceremony was beautiful – right on the beach in Coronado…D&L Ceremony 1   002D&L Ceremony 2   118

Leah walking with her dad was such a sweet moment - I think she was caught off guard and teared up - it was soooo touching to watch!

D&L Ceremony 1   052D&L Ceremony 1   061D&L Ceremony 2   148D&L Ceremony 3   205

D&L Ceremony 2   164D&L Ceremony 2   168D&L Ceremony 2   173D&L Ceremony 1   095

such a happy bride and groom D&L Ceremony 1   106

some details...

D&L Details 1   201j rep

beautiful reception – it was stunning…D&L Details 1   205j rep

everyone received a succulent – soooo awesomeD&L Details 1   221j rep corpD&L Details 1   226j repD&L Details 1   229j rep

beautiful details everywhere at every table…D&L Details 2   104j rep

the cupcakes were to die for – soooooo yummy! I want one right now actually....Leah - who made these???D&L Details 2   119j repD&L Details 2   123j repD&L Details 2   129j repD&L Details 3   230j repD&L Details 3   236j rep

Derrick and Leah's table and wine...

IMG_1163 rep

we went outside for some beach photos – being on the harbor side means the sun was over on the other side but the light was beautiful. love these photos…Jessy put a sugar action on them - I sure do love the first photo - I sent it to Leah enlarged because I love it!!D&L Portraits 1   234j sugarD&L Portraits 1   244 sugarD&L Portraits 1   263 sugarD&L Portraits 1   275 sugarD&L Portraits 1   277j rep

so awesome…they are hilarious D&L REC 8 CAM 1   003

look at derrick’s face in the right picture – I have one picture of him behind her making the funniest face while she was signing…so funny!!

D&L REC 1 Sign Lincese   09D&L REC 1 Sign Lincese   12D&L REC 3 Entrance   17D&L REC 3 Entrance   20D&L REC 3 Entrance   25D&L REC 4 First Dance   01D&L REC 4 First Dance   18D&L REC 5 Toasts   23

D&L REC 5 Toasts   05D&L REC 5 Toasts   26D&L REC 5 Toasts   55

D&L REC 5 Toasts   65

D&L REC 6 Cake   15D&L REC 7 Parents Dance   19D&L REC 8 CAM 1   055

D&L REC 8 CAM 1   077D&L REC 8 CAM 1   121D&L REC 8 CAM 1   126

D&L REC 8 CAM 1   152D&L REC 8 CAM 1   158

this picture cracks me up – why are all the girls around him with cameras???D&L REC 8 CAM 2   226

everyone laughing and having a blast!

D&L REC 8 CAM 2   326_1D&L REC 8 CAM 3   353D&L REC 8 CAM 3   375D&L REC 8 CAM 3   376D&L REC 8 CAM 3   377D&L REC 8 CAM 3   389D&L REC 8 CAM 3   394D&L REC 8 CAM 3   399D&L REC 8 CAM 3   404D&L Portraits 3   493j rep

love you both!


Hannah banana September 8, 2011 at 1:27 PM  

Cute pictures!!! You did a great job.

Michelle September 14, 2011 at 6:18 PM  

Tracy, you amaze me!!!! Wish I could crash a wedding w/ you!

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