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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Patrick & Amanda | Murrieta Wedding Photography | Part 2

For Part 1 click here Patrick and Amanda Part 1

The ceremony was sooo great – I love love love backyard settings….Plus her Grandfather married them - he did such an awesome service...

P&A Ceremony 3   003P&A Ceremony 3   013

P&A Ceremony 3   018 rep

P&A Ceremony 1   062j rep

He was soooo sweet when he saw her – full of emotion – remember they did not see each other prior to her walking down the aisle…

P&A Ceremony 1   067j repP&A Ceremony 2   197j rep

P&A Ceremony 1   077j rep

P&A Ceremony 1   092j panP&A Ceremony 1   134j repP&A Ceremony 1   109j repP&A Ceremony 3   032P&A Ceremony 1   112j rep

Patrick prayed during communion – it was soooo touching and beautiful….

P&A Ceremony 1   122j repP&A Ceremony 1   139j rep

Grandpa was prolonging the kiss as long as he could! hahahaha

P&A Ceremony 3   028P&A Ceremony 3   059

First kiss EVER….

P&A Ceremony 1   158j repP&A Ceremony 1   149j repP&A Ceremony 2   239j repP&A Ceremony 2   248j repP&A Ceremony 2   256j repP&A Ceremony 3   063

P&A Wedding Party   005 repP&A Wedding Party   018j repP&A Wedding Party   022j rep

Off to do the romantics at the perfect time….When I checked out this venue the night before and looked across the street and saw a field – I was sooo excited!! If you have followed me at all, you know fields are my absolute favorite place to shoot – with backlight and SUN!!! I see fields in a whole new light now. It’s not as easy to shoot in full sun in a field but by the time we got to the romantics the light was about perfect!!! I love it when the portraits get planned in the perfect light. This was fun as well because they hadn’t seen each other the whole day – they couldn’t wait to just be together for a small window of time…

P&A Portraits   008j repIMG_4554 repair blogP&A Portraits 2   191j repP&A Portraits   010j repP&A Portraits   012j repP&A Portraits   019j repP&A Portraits   026j repP&A Portraits   036j repP&A Portraits   042j repP&A Portraits   050j rep

P&A Portraits   059j mademoiselle

one of my favorites – I love the crop and the looks on their faces…P&A Portraits   069j repP&A Portraits   076j repP&A Portraits   095j repP&A Portraits   100j bw

the circle of light – LOVE LOVE LOVE this image…it’s awesome in color too – jessy edited it like this as well and I liked it in bw too…P&A Portraits   140j repP&A Portraits   148j repP&A Portraits   157j rep

back to the grand entrance and the reception – which was a blast and soo beautiful. The place was filled with twinkling light…so so so pretty!P&A Reception 3   008P&A Reception   019P&A Reception   022P&A Reception   030P&A Reception   033j rep

these were amazing cupcakes…

P&A Details   084j repP&A Reception   046P&A Reception   054j repP&A Reception   069j repP&A Reception   074j rep

P&A Reception   082j repP&A Reception   085

P&A Reception   092j repP&A Reception   097

P&A Details   092j rep

P&A Reception   108

P&A Reception 3   037P&A Reception   149

P&A Reception   207P&A Reception   215j rep

P&A Reception   228P&A Reception   253j repP&A Reception   256

I love that in this last picture, Will – her father is doing his own design – I wonder what he was writing?? This is as close as we got to a heart – I didn’t have time to get a tripod and figure it out – but I like this!!!P&A Reception   264 rep


Kevin and Pam August 17, 2011 at 6:30 AM  

Great job Tracy! Funny, I never even noticed they were drawing with their sparklers. It is cool how you captured that!

Hannah banana August 17, 2011 at 2:44 PM  

I love those pictures. Are you doing a part 3, or are you done with their pictures. You did a great job.

Hannah L.

Unknown August 18, 2011 at 7:12 AM  

hahahha Hannah!! This is it for the blog but they have lots of pictures!! You'll have to visit Amanda and see them :)))

Hannah banana September 8, 2011 at 1:30 PM  

These picture are so cute, that i cannot stop looking at them. You did a great great job.

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