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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pat & Eleni Maternity | Temecula Valley Maternity Photography

This couple is the couple from the very first wedding I shot back in 2009….So excited for this sweet little addition to their family. Best thing is that they live near me too!!!! Click here for some of their wedding photos….it’s a design of their album…. and here is their engagement.

I knew this shoot would be a good one when this is the first picture I took…Pat & Eleni are like professionals in front of the camera! I loved the casual feel of their outfits – it is so them! We were excited to shoot in this field as it is so beautiful right now. We saw a snake – a black one which about stopped my heart but I recovered….We waited for Eleni to get bigger and I think it was a good choice – she still looks tiny and wait till you see the light we got!

Here are some highlights of our afternoon….

Pat & Eleni Maternity   003 repair blog

They are great because they let me practice with the strong sun…Thanks for being willing to do whatever I asked! Pat & Eleni Maternity   020j sguar

This next one has a Florabella action on it – called sugar – I love the effect. We always edit everything “normal” and then do some fun vintage looks on them as well. I use Florbella for most of the vintage looks. I shoot like this in order to get background pictures for the books and albums I design.Pat & Eleni Maternity   036j suger

The light this afternoon was simply yummy and creamy!!! When Eleni and I talked about her wedding we always talked about capturing that yummy light…it seems to follow her around.Pat & Eleni Maternity   047j rep

This next one is probably my favorite of the shoot and I hope they print this one and make it nice and LARGE Pat & Eleni Maternity   052 rep webPat & Eleni Maternity   015r

well actually I love this next series too. …this is where the snake was! It was behind me to my right….

Pat & Eleni Maternity   055j repPat & Eleni Maternity   063j rep

Pat & Eleni Maternity   080j panPat & Eleni Maternity   085j repPat & Eleni Maternity   099j repPat & Eleni Maternity   105j repPat & Eleni Maternity   110j rep

I think she is looking for something on the ground but I love this picture!Pat & Eleni Maternity   128j rep

One of my favorites from a photography standpoint…It’s exactly what I was going for – the circle of light with her in the middle….I stepped in some plant to get this shot and had a rash for days – I think it was worth it…I better check harder for poison ivy next time!Pat & Eleni Maternity   142 lovePat & Eleni Maternity   151j repPat & Eleni Maternity   165j repPat & Eleni Maternity   187j repPat & Eleni Maternity   199j repPat & Eleni Maternity   171j repPat & Eleni Maternity   205j bwPat & Eleni Maternity   217j bwPat & Eleni Maternity   223 b

Pat & Eleni Maternity   185j pan pearl web

One of my all time favorite pics…can you put this in your bedroom?IMG_2889 pandora pearl

off to shoot Nick and Albertina’s weddiing!!!


Katie B. July 9, 2011 at 8:23 AM  

Wow! All these pics were amazing I love the ones with the W and the one with the bow! Super cute! Another incredible job Mrs. Dodson!

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