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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nick & Albertina Part 1 | Temecula Valley Photographer

I never know how to limit what I post…so I will do two parts…as always – sorry – I wish I could narrow it down…if you only knew how much I DID narrow this down already….I love love love pictures...and hate missing any Tina and Nick - you have TONS of pictures!

I watched Albertina get baptized and was so struck by her testimony. I actually think Nick got baptized too that day... It was an amazing picture of God’s grace….She called me the week after her baptism and wanted to meet to discuss wedding photography….I was so excited to meet them both – their reputation goes ahead of them. I can't tell you how many people speak so highly of them. I was so excited when they called and said I get to shoot the wedding!!! I had to talk Robert into it and we even delayed our vacation by one day…..I just love this couple and their entire family.

They met in high school – Nick wrestled with her brother – they have a pretty long history together. Tina’s brother told hilarious stories about Nick at the reception – you’ll have to watch the video to hear :) I will tell more of their story in the next post.

…and here starts the story of their wedding day….

Her sister in law did her make-up – she looked amazing!

N&A Getting Ready 1   002j rep

Temecula Wedding Photography blog   001Temecula Wedding Photography blog   007

she was talking to Nick in this picture – I LOVE IT!

N&A Getting Ready 1   018j repN&A Getting Ready 1   023j bw

N&A Getting Ready 1   029j repwe (I and someone behind me) made her put on darker lipstick..she may not like how dark it is right here…but you can see it did fade in the pictures below :) I don’t think she ever wears lipstick! I think she looks sooo beautiful! It’s not really fair to have my part time job/hobby – I get to be at all the most amazing things – I cannot tell you how incredibly fun it is to watch the Bride get ready – I really think it’s my favorite part of the whole day…

N&A Getting Ready 1   038j rep

Her dress was AMAZING. I asked her if she will get back into it so we can do a full Bridal shoot soon! Can’t wait!

Temecula Wedding Photography blog   002

N&A Bridal Details 2   052N&A Bridal Details 1   004

yes she is that little….Temecula Wedding Photography blog   003N&A Getting Ready 1   044j rep

She insisted we wait for all the girls to get her dress on – look how happy she is – I love this picture! In fact, they all look so happy! You can tell her friends love her VERY much and she loves them…I wish I was a writer so I could express how great the whole wedding party and parents, family etc were…they were all sooooo sweet, so sincere and genuine, so touching, loving and fun!N&A Getting Ready 1   069 t repN&A Getting Ready 1   073j rep

How perfect is this mirror for getting dressed in front of???N&A Getting Ready 1   080j repN&A Getting Ready 1   090j repTemecula Wedding Photography blog   008N&A Getting Ready 1   114j repN&A Getting Ready 1   100j rep

Her bridesmaid Shelby did her hair – stunning…N&A Getting Ready 2   205j rep

I thought the heart on the bottom of the shoe was awesome!

Temecula Wedding Photography blog   010Temecula Wedding Photography blog   011N&A Getting Ready 1   120j repN&A Getting Ready 1   154j repTemecula Wedding Photography blog   004Temecula Wedding Photography blog   005Temecula Wedding Photography blog   006

Her future Mom in-law and Father in-law gave her a beautiful necklace and card…N&A Getting Ready 2   231j rep

I just love this next picture….something about the people…the light etc….print it ok??? she is marrying into an amazing family – sooo awesome!!! Okay – are they gorgeous or what???N&A Getting Ready 1   144j rep

Her mom gave her a picture of her Grandma in a charm for her bouquet. I loved Albertina’s mom – she seemed sooooo happy the entire day – I could tell she was enjoying every minute of the day. Both mom’s were happy and smiling (or crying) the entire day. It was fun to see them enjoy the day!

N&A Getting Ready 1   159j repN&A Getting Ready 2   246j rep

Here is the sister in law that did her make-up and you will see how awesome it looks in the pictures below…Sophia is a stunningly beautiful pregnant woman…only over shadowed a bit by Albertina as a bride…

N&A Getting Ready 1   133 rep

N&A Getting Ready 2   214j rep

We did just a few Bridal portraits at the home … you will see more later….see I want to take her in this blue chair and put her in a field somewhere!

Lake Oak Meadows Photography   001Lake Oak Meadows Photography   002Lake Oak Meadows Photography   013Lake Oak Meadows Photography   014

I loved both sets of parents- they seemed so genuinely happy for their children – it was fun to watch. Here’s her Mom…They look like twins!

N&A Family 1   010 rep

From her new mom in laws home…we went to Temeku Hills to photograph her with the awesome girls.….

The colors are so vibrant and beautiful…just like all the girls! These photos are all shot at noon – thankful for pretty sunlight and beautiful girls…

Lake Oak Meadows Bridesmaids   001Lake Oak Meadows Bridesmaids   002Lake Oak Meadows Bridesmaids   003Lake Oak Meadows Bridesmaids   004

new sister in laws….well soon anyway…I LOVE this next picture!Lake Oak Meadows Bridesmaids   005

Danielle’s baby is due in two months – I didn’t want her to pick her up but she insisted she could….Albertina is TINY! My daughter says people in her Sunday school class call her Alber-Tiny…. On the right, her mom is kissing her…

Lake Oak Meadows Bridesmaids   006Lake Oak Meadows Bridesmaids   008

Lake Oak Meadows Bridesmaids   007The flower girl is her cousin – she was such a sweet natured girl – smiled the ENTIRE day – even late at the reception! The other thing I noticed is that everyone loved this little girl – I would see her with different family members the whole time – she is ONE VERY LOVED LITTLE GIRL!

Lake Oak Meadows Bridesmaids   009

love love love this next one…N&A Bridesmaids 1   119 snap

yes – be jealous – she is that skinny….Lake Oak Meadows Photography   003

we headed back to soon to be mom and dad in-law’s home to leave for the ceremony…I love the prayer time….Her sister in law Danielle is praying as I take the picture…

N&A Getting Ready 1   177j rep

Johnny Tinahui came and shot with us and was able to capture some of Nick getting ready….I was so happy – when they get ready at different places, I usually can’t get the groom – thanks Johnny!

Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   003

this is albertin’as brother…I love this picture of him doing his hair –Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   001Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   002Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   004Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   005Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   006

Nick’s dad is hugging him on the left and helping him get ready….

Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   007Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   008

I was supposed to be shooting the men…went to find them and they were praying – soooo sweet – I couldn’t interrupt….so we took their pictures way later!

Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   009

such a sad day for all the single girls when someone this handsome gets scooped up! that line is so not my personality but I said it to make you laugh Nick! You do look awesome by the way! Are you even going to read this???Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   010Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   011

Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   013Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   012

and the groomsmen…why are guys so funny?????Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   014Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   015

Johnny had them do this next pose – I can’t tell you how many tries it took – but it’s worth it! We probably should have had Nick in the middle but I think it’s kind of funny that he is not!!! Tina’s brother is holding him up! Nicks has two brothers as groomsmen…and then a soon to be brother in law…

Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   016Groom Temecula Valley Wedding photography   017

They chose to NOT see each other prior to the ceremony…..

but here’s a sneak peak at how beautiful she was when he saw her…simply stunning….

Lake Oak Meadows Photography   006

Bride 1   064j repBride 1   047j repLake Oak Meadows Photography   005Lake Oak Meadows Photography   008Lake Oak Meadows Photography   009Lake Oak Meadows Photography   016

Jessy had some fun with these next edits…Lake Oak Meadows Photography   010Lake Oak Meadows Photography   012Lake Oak Meadows Photography   015Lake Oak Meadows Photography   017

Lake Oak Meadows Photography   011

Ceremony, wedding party and reception to come soon...


michelle July 27, 2011 at 9:50 PM  

Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!! Tracy you are amazing!!!

Debbie Nunez July 28, 2011 at 2:42 PM  

Simply BEAUTIFUL Tracy!!! My husband and I just went through all the pictures and it really took us back to the day.....loved your comments too! We can't thank you enough! You've been such a blessing to our family!

Anne Wilmus July 28, 2011 at 6:39 PM  

Gorgeous photos and a beautiful bride!!! I love your work!!!

Elizabeth Rose July 28, 2011 at 9:26 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth Rose July 28, 2011 at 9:27 PM  

I love the pictures Mrs. Dodson. I know Albertina, Nick, Danielle and Daniel, they are all so sweet.

Hannah Limon

Tracy July 28, 2011 at 9:36 PM  

thank you everyone. what a privilege for me to be a part of such a beautiful day.

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