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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Matt & Diana Part 2 | California Wedding Reception

When I met with Matt and Diana at my home we discussed where we would take pictures as their reception was at a community center.  It was super nice but not really a good venue for pictures…Diana said she would go wander around the area and see what she could find!!  I sent her in pursuit of pretty buildings and trees (as we were shooting from 12:30 to 2:30 in the middle of the day…) – look what she found!!!!!  She sent my pictures from her cell phone - I was amazed!  It was perfect.  I just LOVE their pictures!


What a beautiful venue with a handsome groom and gorgeous bride….


This is Lytle Creek – it was soooo beautiful – I want to shoot here again!  It was the perfect setting for them and even did well in full sunlight!!  This tree shade was perfect! 

M&D Portraits   020 repair

M&D Portraits   037j rep


this next picture was shot with my 85mm at 2.0 – that lens is amazing!  So glad I bought it! This is one of my favorites….She was just standing in this spot waiting for something and it looked sooo pretty – I love how she is holding her dress!  Plus is she beautiful or what???  I still think she should be in a magazine!IMG_0882 repM&D Portraits   031j repM&D Portraits   002j rep


just a gorgeous couple…can’t wait to see their kids!!!  Matt was so good with Stephanie…of course Stephanie did not want him meeting about wedding photos – she asked him to play with her about five times – and when we were done he did!   I think they played pet shop or something!  He is hilarious too!M&D Portraits   019j rep

More awesome side shots from Carri:

M&D Portraits   179j rep


Jessy is usually my side shot girl – this is so Jessy –esq…Carrie was just perfect – love this picture.M&D Portraits   190j rep


this is my favorite pic Carri took – I love it!!!M&D Portraits   182 timeles j rep

            M&D Portraits   052j repM&D Portraits   058j repM&D Portraits   075j repM&D Portraits   188j rep

so sweet and happy together.  She told me yesterday that he is just the best!  and you can certainly tell that Matt thinks the same thing!

M&D Portraits   079j rep

         M&D Portraits   183j repM&D Portraits   198j repM&D Portraits   201j rep

I love how the wind is blowing her awesome dress!  it was like a parachute – awesome!  I think Matt was holding tight so she wouldn’t fly away…

M&D Portraits   087j repM&D Portraits   119j repM&D Portraits   093j repM&D Portraits   139j repM&D Portraits   140j repM&D Portraits   160j rep

we left there – I could have stayed longer…it was so pretty and we only went to a small part – but the fun awaited…

off to get bustled and hit the reception….love her dress..

M& D Getting Ready   088j repM& D Getting Ready   132 edit


Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Zick!

M&D Reception  042


First dance – sooo cute!M&D Reception  050M&D Reception  103M&D Reception  105M&D Reception  107M&D Reception  180

M&D Reception  195

Diana danced with her mom – such a sweet moment.  I know she missed her Dad dearly - the whole wedding was honoring to his memory.  loved it.M&D Reception  138editM&D Reception  140 rep

fun on the dance floor…

M&D Reception  172M&D Reception  235M&D Reception  237M&D Reception  244M&D Reception  144

on the first toss – the bouquet went up into the light fixture – it was so funny!

M&D Reception  268M&D Reception  278M&D Reception  290M&D Reception  292M&D Reception  301

          M&D Reception  318M&D Reception  324M&D Reception  329


this guy was a riot!M&D Reception  352

and this one…M&D Reception  356

and  this one…hahahha

M&D Reception  357M&D Reception  369

    M&D Reception  364M&D Reception  380

they had so much fun with their friends – it was fun to watch! 

M&D Reception  150

xoxoxox  awesome to meet you both – had a blast!!!!  thanks for having me capture your wedding.  Have a blast at Stagecoach!


Carri Roman April 27, 2011 at 11:46 AM  

Love the reception photos as well. Love you flash technique. So cool!!

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