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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Senior Portraits | Murrieta Valley Senior Portrait Photographer

I met Sara in Temecula Tuesday….I hadn’t shot a senior in a while and couldn’t wait to edit these…plus I knew they as I shot that they would turn out as they did….we explored and found some sweet locations….She was willing to do anything I asked!

Sara is an amazing girl…I have known her for a long time – we used to get her and Jessy together to play when they were very young – I miss those times of homemade pizza in the backyard!!! She was a BLAST to shoot and a natural in front of the camera. I didn’t have to pose her – I would just direct her somewhere and she just posed…I gave her ideas but never had to “fix her! You will see as the shoot went on just how model material she is!!!

Again - my favorite things about shooting seniors is that they have so much ahead of them - it was so fun to talk to Sara. She is interested in being a sport statistician in college - how cool is that?? I should have done that - I loved stats, and I loved sports - no not boys - I was afraid of them...hahaha I think it's so interesting that she wants to do that. Anyone know anyone that does that? She could use a connection! She has done stats all through high school.

We wanted to shoot in a field but I like to get two “feels” to a shoot if we are able – a city feel and a field…for that reason we started in Old Town… The shade there is perfect…and I love all the wood.Temecula Senior Portrait 1

I can't tell you what I said here..but it was funny - well apparently she thought it was....I remember what I said, and I'm sure she does too...all of you just can't know!!! hahaha

Temecula Senior Portrait 2 Temecula Senior Portrait 3 Temecula Senior Portrait 4 Temecula Senior Portrait 5

This is by the bridge – i love back light…she has such beautiful green eyes...
Sara P   113 r

Jessy put a vintage on this next one called vintage summer. This is one of my favorite pics – I love how she is laughing after dancing in the middle of the street…I was going to edit the lady out in the background but I thought she was funny how she was watching Sara.

Temecula Senior Portrait 7

I put a pink tink on this next one on purpose - I like pink skies anyway and this looked so good on this picture...

Temecula Senior Portrait 8

see her eyes - they are so beautiful!!!

Temecula Senior Portrait 10

How about this gorgeous field??? Amazing light - so so so pretty...Sara made it even prettier!

Temecula Senior Portrait 11

I love the light in this next one too! Hard to pick my favorite...

Temecula Senior Portrait 12

Temecula Senior Portrait 13

okay I confess - we trespassed here for 5 minutes (the field was not private but this shed was off the road....) sorry...but isn't it the cutest chicken coop?

Temecula Senior Portrait 14

back to the field pictures...sorry about my out of order...This next one is one of my all time favorite pictures to date - I think the sun behind her is AWESOME and she did the pose perfectly.

Murrieta Valley Senior Portrait 1

such a pretty place

Sara P   181 rep

I LOVE this location...If you want to shoot here - we better schedule won't look like this for long! This would make a beautiful canvas.

Murrieta Valley Senior Portrait 2


Katie B. January 20, 2011 at 7:01 PM  

I have the prettiest best friend!!!!!!
Love you Sara!!! XOXO

Hannah Sivilay January 21, 2011 at 9:50 AM  

These turned out great! Beautiful girl :-)

Nadine Allport January 28, 2011 at 8:37 AM  

Oh my goodness Sara! Look at YOU!!! Many of these pictures looks like a CD are georgeous on the inside and outside...congratulations for this milestone in your life! XOXOXO

Araceli January 28, 2011 at 4:31 PM  

These are so beautiful Tracy!! I wish I lived close to you for a session.

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