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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Murrieta Family Photography | The Morace Family

The Morace’s are great friends and it’s always a blast to shoot their family…well – photograph them :)


One of their sons, Jayden (young brown curly hair),  has autism and it’s so much fun to work with him – he started off not wanting to take pics at all….I have such a heart for this young one and look forward to taking his picture – I know it’s going to be work because he “tries” to act like it’s not fun….then we warm up to each other  – Troy showed him something on his phone which will remain a secret :)  then I gave him my iPhone and let him play with Talking Tom…If you don’t have talking Tom –it’s worth the free download –it’s a RIOT!  You will notice he has my phone in many pictures ;)

Morace Family Web001 

Tom cracked him up the entire time!  His daddy is pretty funny too and had all the boys laughing…They were sitting here waiting for me to take pics of Kaylee– I turned around and took this….I think I had to call one of them over but how cute that they were all huddled up anyway?

Morace Family Web002



Morace Family Web003

I just love Jayden’s face in the black and white – that might be before we let him have my phone!          

 Morace Family Web004  Morace Family Web006  Morace Family Web005

Morace Family Web008 Morace Family Web009 Morace Family Web010

Dominic was sad to miss school!  How does she get kids like that – I had Nanno begging me to go with me on this photo shoot!

          Morace Family Web011 Morace Family Web012 Morace Family Web013

I love little hands and big hands – Dominic snuggled with Jackson a lot –it was soooo cute!  I didn’t set these up.

Morace Family Web014 Morace Family Web015 

Dylan is in my daughter Dani’s class – he’s a DOLL – can you say that about boys?   And yes, they are all really this cute!

   Morace Family Web017 Morace Family Web018 Morace Family Web016

I love Kaylee – she was willing to take pics anywhere and did an awesome job….She plays with Stephanie a lot at baseball games…so so so sweet.

Morace Family Web019  Morace Family Web021 Morace Family Web020Morace Family Web022 Morace Family Web023 Morace Family Web024

Jayden and I had a great time – he is my buddy.

          Morace Family Web025 Morace Family Web026 Morace Family Web027 Morace Family Web028

Jackson brought a pocketful of toys – he lined them up places and took great care of them.  when Nicole was standing in the doorway he walked up to her, took her hand, and started smiling at me!  He is as awesome as the rest of them.

          Morace Family Web029 Morace Family Web030 Morace Family Web035

Morace Family Web031

Jack’s mom plays a kissing game with him – he thinks it’s so funny – i think she tries to get a kiss and he gets away or vice versa but all I know is it cracked him up!        

Morace Family Web032    Morace Family Web034Morace Family Web036 

            Morace Family Web038 Morace Family Web039 Morace Family Web040

Morace Family Web042


It’s awesome to watch this family interact.  They are all sweet to each other and so so kind.   I think that Jayden’s autism has been a gift to them in SO many ways and I know they would affirm that.  I consider it a gift to me to watch this family.   I just love them.  They have an older daughter that lives out of town and couldn’t make it :(  hopefully next time… Morace Family Web041


Elizabeth Rose December 17, 2010 at 1:54 PM  

I love love love Jayden he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. And i love love love there family.

Love: Hannah Limon

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