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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brooke Senior Portraits | Linfield Christian Senior Photography

Taken in Oceanside…..  Super fun shoot.  Brooke is an amazing girl.  I asked her what she wanted to do with her life and I was blown away by her answer – she had more direction and purpose than I have seen in most young girls!   She wants to serve the Lord and it was very detailed.  Can’t wait to see what happens over the next few years!  She wants to live in Spain!


She was so fun to shoot – we heard gunshots at some point and we’re trying to get out of range of the hunter!!!  But she would still stop to take a picture!!!  He sounded far away so don’t panic!!!  The backlight was amazing at this location.

 BrookeN_0044repair She chose this location –she said the bridge at Oceanside…and do you know that I have been there so many times and hadn’t even looked at it!  I loved the place!  So so pretty…with all of my favorite weeds!  And the bridge was amazing!



Honestly to really appreciate this next picture…you should be looking on a mac – the screen is so much better!


here is another picture…normal and then a vintage touch – I always edit the pictures normally and then do some fun things to some of them!  I just purchased some new actions so I am trying to learn how to use them! The one on the right is called sapphire – I left it at full opacity for this picture.

   BrookeN_183repair BrookeN_183repairsapphire

Her skin is really this creamy and her eyes this beautiful…now the color is a bit different as we have a vintage wash on this picture….I didn’t touch up her skin at all!  I’m sure the wide open aperture helps a bit but…she really does have flawless skin!BrookeN_114lollipop

How awesome are her shoes???BrookeN_112mademoiselle BrookeN_155j rep2BrookeN_136j rep 

BrookeN_176j rep 

We went to the beach and the sun was gone but we still were able to get great pics…didn’t matter which way we faced!

BrookeN_212repsoft BrookeN_264toycamera BrookeN_266j sweetsunshine BrookeN_299alurelolipop BrookeN_322j gypsy BrookeN_324j rep2 BrookeN_375j repair

I think this next one is one of my favorites….…

BrookeN_412j rep BrookeN_424j vintagesummer

Well I could post literally tons more because she was amazingly photogenic…but I most go pick up children from school :)

Thanks Jessy for editing a bunch!




Miller Family October 9, 2010 at 4:27 PM  

Love love these! Especially the last two! Beautiful girl.

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