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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dietrich Children | Murrieta Children Photography

I LOVE photographing children. I usually shoot these beautiful children’s cousin, Isla (who will be the next post…) but this time they came along for the ride. I was a little concerned as it was so hot. The temperature wasn’t super high but the humidity was! I was happy how these turned out! I just love this park for all the variety and I just love weeds….never thought I would say that but they photograph so pretty behind kids! I don’t complain about weeds anymore like I used to!

We all went and had slurpees at 711 afterwards! 2 year old photo

I told her to look into my camera for something (a bunny I think…). I had seen a bunny earlier and told her I think it hopped in the camera. I just love this picture because she is looking so intently and it cracks me up because she looks so hot!!!

2 Year Old Photos001 I love this expression! This picture is Dani’s favorite…..

2 Year Old Photos002

She has the sweetest expression on her face in this next one….almost dreamy….toddler photography

This next one is one of my favs… I wonder what she is thinking….toddler girl photography murrieta

Here is her perfectly content and happy little brother. He is soooo sweet and so mellow – so easy going! I don’t think the heat bothered him or Isla like it did the rest of us!

8 month baby murrieta photography 8 month baby portrait 8 MOnth baby

Looks like they are in a roller coaster! DSiblings034repair


She was so happy about her candy – amazing how candy brings such joy…he was just obeying by clapping! I always wonder what babies think when everyone is trying to get them to do something.children blog murrieta photography

Here was one of our attempts to get the cousins together. There’s a funny one of Avary falling backwards…I’ll put that on Isla’s post! The babies are looking at Bo…I think Avary was anticipating another piece of candy!



Lauren J Dietrich August 23, 2010 at 10:24 PM  

I really love these. With all the sweat and jumping around to get them to look and smile. It's amazing how well they all turned out. You are talented. Jake and I attempted to take some photos of our own today in "the weeds". I wanted to see if I could pull it off. Ummm.....ya, not even close!It wasn't the cameras fault either, thats for sure. Thanks so much Tracy and Jessie

Bo August 25, 2010 at 10:14 PM  

Wow! I told Hannah that we have to purchase prints of all those. really beautiful photographs Tracy. You have a way with capturing their expressions. I know I am biased but Avary and Judah are some of the cutest and most camera friendly kids I have seen. We always look forward to seeing you, and your trusty side kick.

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