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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Portrait Practice

There are pictures at the end of this long winded post....

The "class" is going to come over for some practice soon (in a few weeks)... Jessy set it all up
yesterday to practice - I took her pic to get it ready for here....We were talking about white
balance in class yesterday. I showed her how to get the white balance using the color gray....
I feel really funny teaching this class because I have no experience, no schooling...just showing
them what I figure out on my own...It's probably all technically wrong!!! If you have ever
read the Scott Kelby books - he basically says that he will tell you how to get the picture without
all the technical stuff...I guess that's where I'm going with all this (we are going to use info from
his books as well)! We'll see how it works.

Their assignment this week is to look up white balance and tell me what it is - in understandable
terms. Because it is also supposed to be a computer class (and they all want to get to the
photography instead), we are going to use what we learn and do a powerpoint presentation! So
the first slide they all come up with will be on white balance....When it is complete they will have
their own Powerpoint on some basic photography. I am also going to teach them what I know
about Photoshop...which again is basic.

My friend Cheryl (Chery's Classic Photography) taught me white balance I'm going with
that! If you are using the fully automatic settings on your camera - turn to "P" and set your
white balance! If it's sunny - use the sun's pretty easy to figure it out. It works with point
and shoot camera's too.

Our eyes - because we were made by an incredible God - adjust to whatever the color
temperature is - our eyes are amazing. They adjust to all different lights and colors. The camera
can NOT do it - the AWB (auto white balance) is decent on outside shots (and does adapt a bit) -
but really you ought to play around with it.

There is a white balance "tutorial" on Pioneer Woman if you would like to go read it..Go to her
photography section. Your camera book will also tell you how to manually set your white

These pics really have nothing to do with white balance - the kids were just excited that they get
to come over and do portrait shots with paper backgrounds....since I am trying to post a pic a
day - here is jessy...

Jessy edited the photos...

IMG_0189 J crop

IMG_0189 J crop bw


oodlesuvfun March 6, 2009 at 5:44 PM  

Wow! Jessy is GORGEOUS! Your blog makes me miss you guys even more! Love ya and miss you!

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