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Friday, October 3, 2014

UCLA Wedding | Madeline and Cody | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

This wedding was simply amazing. It was so classy and yet simple all at the same time. As I walked away from it all I realized how different it was from all weddings I have shot - I'll point out some of what I noticed at the end....These are also some of my most favorite pictures can they not be when it was at UCLA! When I met with Madeline and her mom, Madeline made it so clear that she wanted me to capture the day and the story - to make sure everyone had fun and it was just to be one big celebration.... We went back and forth on a first look and they decided not to do one. They wanted to see each other at the ceremony...We shot their photos when the sun was gone - it was fun and challenging- we had some low light and some flash...I love their pictures and we had about 15 minutes!  It helps that they look like models and that the campus is so incredibly beautiful.  I know that's what you're all thinking! 

The vendors brought together for this were incredible and are listed at the end...

for ALL The here...yes there are more than the 137 on this post haha

If you follow this blog at all, you will remember them from their engagement shoot - Madeline and Cody. They met in September 2012, started dating in March of 2013 and engaged by September of 2013. Cody was secretly in love with her from the day he met her, she kept him in the "friend zone." He waited patiently as their friendship formed to pursue anything. God made it clear to Maddie in May of 2013 that he was the man God wanted for her. Madeline describes Cody as tender-hearted, kind, hard working and hilarious. He describes her as confidant, gives it her all everytime no matter what she does (he actually said I love that she is content to not be normal), has hilarious facial expressions which give away what she is thinking and spunky! They love anything athletic, playing 1 on 1, the beach and concerts. They love each other's is her favorite to watch - she loves being at Jackie Robinson Stadium most of all and basketball is his favorite sport to watch - match made in heaven. They long to have their relationship be a testament to their faith in Christ and walk with the Lord together.

As a funny note on her giving her best and not content with less...I have never seen such an amazing google doc as what I received for her wedding - it was so perfect and made the whole day run so smoothly!!!  Her wedding coordinator was awesome too - seriously - perfect.

I love them and Jessy and I had the best day. It truly was SO MUCH FUN!! It was a celebration and pretty sure you will all enjoy their day with us, or relive it if you were there this day...


Hotel: The W Hotel on Hilgard
Venue: UCLA Janss Terrace
Wedding Coordinator:  Chelsea Martell Events by Chelsea (amazing girl)
DJ:  Ben Goldsmith, Backhaus Productions    hilarious and kept party going...
Wedding Gown:  The White Dress in CDM. Tulle of New York
Hair artist:  Victor Borba
Makeup artist: Monique Tinahui Makeup
Bridesmaids Dresses:  JCrew
Florist: Bespoke Floral
Catering: UCLA Catering
Foodtrucks:  800 Degrees Pizza, The Counter
Lattes:  Lattes on Location
Ice Cream:  Sweet Lucies Organic Ice Cream
Cake:  Superfine Bakery
Cotton Candy:  Dolly's Cotton Candy


So if you have made it this far, you can have my thoughts on this wedding...If you look at the ceremony - the beauty was in the setting... there was nothing decorated other than the petals for Madeline to walk on...the men did not have boutonnieres...  the tables were simply decorated...the lights strung across the park like setting gorgeous, beautiful old buildings with incredible architecture all around, the food trucks fun and simple (and incredibly yummy)...walked up grabbed a plate and your silverware (the people that worked them fun and excited to be there) ...the drinks were in large silver tins organized perfectly and made you want to drink one (presentation)...and yet if you look at all the photos there is so much well thought out and considerate detail  for the guests that were invited, everyone had an assigned spot in a beautiful setting with friends and the ability to go and get food and drink from fun places and yet it was simple at the same time....Cody loves candy and Madeline loves will see a lot of that as well....every detail thought out...the party a blast - the dancing fun, the DJ hilarious - everyone participated....and future brides and moms...I can't stress enough how important a wedding coordinator is...if you were to watch them as I have at over 50 will see they take care of so many things behind the scene...chelsea was no exception.  She was great.  And ought to get ahold of Madeline's google doc.  I also enjoyed working with Madeline and her mom - they were so great together and Kathy was a great example of a mom that was so supportive of Madeline's choices and desires for her day.

oh and one more thing...still personally - Madeline was so gracious with us in looking at all the benefits of a first look - especially seeing that her wedding ended at sunset (meaning sun down and only a little remaining light left)...but in the end she sill wanted Cody's first look of her to be her walking toward him that day at the ceremony.  I did understand her desire and guess what? It worked out perfectly.  We had 5 minutes more than I thought...we had fun with the ambient light and the flashes...It was great.  They were awesome... If you look at their engagement shoot - you will see how different the light is during the day - it's just amazing at the end of the day with the lights on...A wedding should be about your's not a photo shoot and so that is why I 100% wholeheartedly embraced what she wanted....I just love shooting the portraits so I was concerned....but really - in the end we captured her day just as she hoped - a celebration of marriage before an amazing God and incredible friends and family...and their portraits are beautiful!



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