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Thursday, June 19, 2014

UCLA Engagement | UCLA Campus | UCLA Wedding Photography | Cody and Madeline

So .... if you know my family, you know we are HUGE UCLA fans. I often wonder why we LOVE them so much....neither of us went there, we cheer for everyone we don't know...we watch many games...we have football season tickets...we had a dog named Bruin...We bleed blue and gold...Robert's parents went there and I guess that is why???? I just go along with it all.   I wear the jerseys, go to the games and buy many Christmas gifts that have the letters UCLA all over them....

Madeline and Cody both attend there - Maddie plays basketball and Cody baseball..When they asked if we could shoot at Pauley Pavillion and the baseball field..we of course jumped at the chance... and made a day out of it...I must say it was pretty cool to stand down on the floor in the gym...I was a bit star struck (gym struck?)...just at the gym!!  We just walked right in, went down some secret elevator and there we were!   hahaha - we had a blast with them - and Maddie's mom.  They were adorable, sweet and fun!  and we accomplished a lot in our time!  They played one on one,  walked all over and played baseball (well sort of) .. I had never met Cody...he is great and perfect for Maddie...They are getting married here in August...and we can't wait!  Their reception will be one super huge party...all their plans are simply amazing...

There is a funny story at the look all the way to the end :)

So...not to throw Cody under the bus...but either he couldn't tie the tie, or couldn't do it without a mirror (I'm sure that it's) ...we kept looking for someone to tie his tie.... This sweet man walked by - it was during some graduation's how it went: 

Me: "sir!!  I see you have a tie on...would you mind tying this young man's tie?"
The man kind of looked at me funny and said, "well sure..."  
When done the man said, "well why don't we now take a photo together?"
so we did that....
as he walked away, I said, "so who are you anyway???"  said nicely of course...but I figured he was "someone" as he thought Cody would like a photo...

the man replied: "I am the executive vice chancellor and provost" - I must have looked a little blank at him and he said, "Well let's just say I am the second in command at UCLA." 

so that I understood...and became even more - here he is: the second in command of the WHOLE college - with Cody...tying his tie!!!


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