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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Engagement | The Pike at Long Beach | Ty and Karlie | Doctor meets nurse

So excited to be asked to do this couple's wedding...I have known Ty for a long time now - over 18 years....His Mom was instrumental in all of our adoptions and through it all we became very close friends...It has been fun to watch Ty grow up, praying for him for years...and then watch this relationship develop from the sidelines.

I just loved her the minute I met her - she has an infectious smile and fits right in with the family. It's fun to see them gain another daughter this year!  I know what Ty’s parents prayed for and it’s fun to see how God answered those prayers in Karlie.
I have couples fill out a questionnaire - theirs was awesome...They met about a year ago - right before Christmas... They were totally set up as a blind date - I know right?? How cool is that?? I read somewhere that Elizabeth Elliot completely believes in setting people up - and she tells people to ask awesome families who would be good for them! Anyway - Karlie's Aunt was friends with Bonnie through adoption (yes it's a theme in her life)... she heard Bon say that he was in medical school and thought of Karlie.... - they arranged the date at a basketball game - Tyler asked her out again and the rest is history - they started officially dating in February of last year and got engaged at the end of 2012 in the late fall.... The way they describe each other is awesome - They went into the relationship knowing and communicating that they didn’t want to date just for the sake of dating.  Right off the bat they felt they had the potential of being good life partners for each other. ...Karlie always had it in the back of her mind that "Tyler was a good match for me and would make a great husband. As I got to know him and see the heart he has for the Lord, the hard worker he is, and the pure love and respect he has for me, I gradually began to really see that God’s hand was/is in this and that our meeting was no coincidence." Tyler felt their relationship help him find out about himself and what mattered to him. "I suspected from early on that this little blonde firecracker would make a wonderful partner for me." 

Here's some answers to the questions I give... 

Name three things that you like about each other:  
Karlie: I like the fact that Tyler really lives for the Lord and always tries his best to honor Him in all he does. He is very genuine and has a kindness/sweetness about him that is rarely found. I also like that he has a goofy, child-like side underneath his serious and focused exterior.
Ty: The most important thing to me about Karlie is that she loves the Lord with a passion that makes her want to know more about Him. I love her spunky and playful nature that keeps one of my feet off the ground. I love that she is beautiful and that she strives to wear clothes, perfume, hair that I find attractive. And I love her big heart (I know that’s 4, but it needed to get in there). 

Name your 3 favorite things to do together: Hiking, photography, watching movies, going to Disneyland, traveling Ty sees Karlie as: Spunky, creative, kind-hearted Karlie sees Ty as: Steadfast, practical, genuine, sincere, hard working 

When you can do anything you want with your free time – what do you do?  

Karlie: Run, read, journal, crochet (or something else creative) spend time with family and friends, travel, enjoy the outdoors. 

Ty: What’s free time? Just kidding. Run, work out, hike, shoot guns, golf, watch TV/Movies, go out to eat, spend time with my family, hang out with Karlie, photography, sleep, play basketball. 

What do you think is unique about you as a couple?  

We really like to surprise each other.... and our height difference and finally.....

One of us is a hippie and one of us is a conservative Republican 

and with that - here is our day in pictures!
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