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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Samantha + Brandon | Los Angeles Engagement Photography | Tracy Dodson Photography

Samantha was a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed back in March of this year. She was so sweet and so excited for her turn!!! I was so stoked to get her wall post on Facebook on my photography page!

Her fiancĂ© is amazing like her. We had a great time wandering all over. Brandon is a drill sergeant in the Marine Corps…hard to believe because he is sooooooooo nice and friendly!!! don't get me wrong - I know drill sergeants are normal....but I still can’t imagine him yelling at anyone!!!! I get a little star struck (maybe an understatement....) but Brandon was soooo cool!!! My brother was a marine sergeant so I know what happens at boot camp!! I asked him if he yelled and he laughed! When he first got to the shoot - he couldn't even talk - seriously!!! AND I can’t believe how hard he works and the hours he puts in. He is SUCH a hard worker - Those marines are amazing!!! I want a picture of him in his DI uniform and her in her gown at the wedding!! I am hoping he brings it - you said you would Brandon!!! So thankful for all the military in our country - It was so fun to talk to him about his job. \

and GET THIS – Guess where Samantha goes to school???? Well only the best college ever….UCLA! She is so fun, so nice, so sweet and so beautiful - inside and out. They were so fun together and made us laugh the whole time – super easy to shoot…


B&S Engagement   015j repB&S Engagement   006j repB&S Engagement   003j repB&S Engagement   024j repB&S Engagement   046j repB&S Engagement   081B&S Engagement   090B&S Engagement   062 SNAPB&S Engagement   087j rep

I love the vintage edits Jessy did in these next pictures…. – they are edited normally too but I just loved these…Pandora from Florabella…B&S Engagement   100j panB&S Engagement   105j psnB&S Engagement   109j panB&S Engagement   114j panB&S Engagement   118j panB&S Engagement   131j panB&S Engagement   190j panB&S Engagement   121j brooklynB&S Engagement   138j repB&S Engagement   140j repB&S Engagement   157B&S Engagement   147j bwB&S Engagement   154j rep

Brandon was amazing at spotting spiders – crazy – and they are HUGE at this place!! This one was in the middle of where we were walking and he spotted him!! At least there are NO snakes that I have seen…B&S Engagement  _0477

I love this shed – it’s so cool – I have no idea why it’s there…there is nothing in it – except a huge spider and some old electrical thing….I used to get nervous about old abandoned buildings…I see many- I always wonder if there will be something scary to surprise me someday (ya know what I mean??) …but on this day, as always, it was still just the HUGE spider that is always there in his huge amazing web….I took a picture of it but it’s not on here…not sure why I put the one above it on? Oh I know – it’s because Brandon spotted it and it was impossible to see!!! I had to have him stand behind it so I could take a picture – my camera couldn’t even find him!

anyway back to the couple – they look good by the shed yes??? :)B&S Engagement   164j repB&S Engagement   179brooklynB&S Engagement   191 rep

the light was warm, creamy and amazing this particular afternoon..B&S Engagement   220j repB&S Engagement   184j repB&S Engagement   203 rep

hahahaha I love this!B&S Engagement   352 repB&S Engagement   198j repB&S Engagement   224 rep

Their kids are going to be soooo cute!!!! I hope they have lots! and I hope they still live by me so I can take there photographs!!!B&S Engagement   226j repB&S Engagement   243j rep

I know, I know…I should photoshop the initials to say B+ S….maybe I will for their engagement book! But maybe M & J will go on here and see their little sign on the tree - hahahaha

B&S Engagement   252j repB&S Engagement   254j rep

B&S Engagement   328 repB&S Engagement  _0624 rep

B&S Engagement  _0626 repB&S Engagement  _0686 rep

so…we can’t wait for your wedding!! It’s going to be soooo awesome – and by that time my kids will be out of school for the summer – YAY!!!


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