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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Diandra + Werner | San Diego Wedding Photography | Tracy Dodson Photography

sooo…I know I say it all the time – but I LOVED This couple – they are soooo awesome!!! Diandra and Audie are bridesmaids in each others weddings which are two weeks apart (in January)! So fun to be able to do the photography for both brides…

When Diandra and Werner came over we laughed so much! I love how they met – he was an usher and he spotted her her in church!! He is from South Africa – so cool….After meeting him, I thought how different it is to be raised here instead of somewhere else. Werner is so mature – hahahha – that sounds so funny but he doesn’t seem like a typical 23 year old – he has his set goals – he has thought of his future and how he wants his family to be. I asked him if he thought kids are raised differently there and he said, “for sure!” Raised to be super responsible – accountable for their own actions – etc… He spotted Diandra in church and made sure he was able to meet her – and he made a good decision that day – because she is AMAZING – so sweet, so fun – …so clearly in love with this man from South Africa – so ready to devote her life to him…

enjoy the pictures - I love all the variety in their images – we had such a great time – gut laughed a lot – wanted to go get coffee after but Werner had to watch a rugby match (again – how cool is that????)

….and isn’t she gorgeous?W&D Engagement   014j repW&D Engagement   006j repW&D Engagement   018

different angle than I normally do – love the way jessy edited it…W&D Engagement   022j rep

this restaurant was closed but here were workers inside – they gave us chairs etc… so nice!W&D Engagement   026j rep

an abandoned pretty front porch…W&D Engagement   036j rep

La Jolla never disappoints…love all the textures in the rocks…and they look so cute in front of that texture…W&D Engagement   061j repW&D Engagement   049j repW&D Engagement   060j rep

they had to run fast because the tide was super super high – you can see how wet the sad is…worth it though cuz look how cute these next pictures are! I wish I had pictures of Robert and I running in La Jolla in our early 20s…W&D Engagement   084j repW&D Engagement   087j repW&D Engagement   095j repW&D Engagement   100j repIMG_1926 blogW&D Engagement   103j repW&D Engagement   112j repW&D Engagement   114j repW&D Engagement   128j repW&D Engagement Cam2   305j repW&D Engagement   154 sugarW&D Engagement   156 sugarW&D Engagement   131j repW&D Engagement   159j pan

some of my favs are in this section…

W&D Engagement   224j panW&D Engagement   147j repW&D Engagement   137j repW&D Engagement   188j repW&D Engagement   145j brooklynW&D Engagement   212j repW&D Engagement   231j repW&D Engagement   233j repW&D Engagement Cam2   273j repW&D Engagement   240j repW&D Engagement   182j repIMG_3128 vs blogW&D Engagement Cam2   276j rep

see that water in the back of this next picture?? they were standing over on the edge and Diandra got soaked!!! oops!W&D Engagement   179j repW&D Engagement   178 blogW&D Engagement   204j rep


Shanaya March 8, 2018 at 3:32 AM  

Amazing photographs... I really like the way you share... Appreciating work..

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