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Monday, October 3, 2011

Destination Wedding Hawaii | Teresa & Aaron Young and in Love | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

What a privilege and honor to be a part of this incredible wedding – of course it will be in parts – Emma and Jessy both shot with me so we have LOTS of pictures….Once I am done – hopefully you will feel like you were there with us – it was just THAT MUCH FUN!

So yes – I got to go to Hawaii with my daughter and our good friend (and awesome photographer) Emma…yes – we had a blast – yes we stayed five days…Yes – Emma rode first class on the way there – what’s up with that??? more on that later…More than anything – the wedding was so amazing – the day was perfect, the people perfect – I could not have expected it to go better. Her friend was the wedding planner and he did an amazing job – the church tried to hire him!! There was no stone unturned, no detail left out…AMAZING! They had all the photography scheduled out with location and lists for people to know where they were going.

So here is PART 1 – The start of the day…



Stunning dress…

Destination Wedding Hawaii   037Destination Wedding Hawaii   036

AWESOME purple shoes…

Destination Wedding Hawaii   032Destination Wedding Hawaii   034

Beautiful bride…

Destination Wedding Hawaii   001

Uniforms…Destination Wedding Hawaii   022

Handsome man (who is amazing too – of course – how could he not be???)

Destination Wedding Hawaii   019Destination Wedding Hawaii   020

Destination Wedding Hawaii   021Destination Wedding Hawaii   026

lots of getting ready happening in this room…lots of pictures…Destination Wedding Hawaii   002Destination Wedding Hawaii   003Destination Wedding Hawaii   007

Happiest hair dresser ever – always smiling – making it fun for all…and why not smile when the end result looked like below????

Destination Wedding Hawaii   005

Loved the white roses…Destination Wedding Hawaii   004

Aaron did a good job with this ring yes???

Destination Wedding Hawaii   030Destination Wedding Hawaii   029

Destination Wedding Hawaii   006Destination Wedding Hawaii   008Destination Wedding Hawaii   009

Love this pic of her sister getting ready to help put her gown on.Destination Wedding Hawaii   010

So Beautiful…

Destination Wedding Hawaii   011Destination Wedding Hawaii   012

Destination Wedding Hawaii   013

awesome friends looking on..(and one of them a soon to be sister in law…)Destination Wedding Hawaii   014

the purple shoes are a perfect touch…

Destination Wedding Hawaii   015

Destination Wedding Hawaii   035gotta love macro…
Destination Wedding Hawaii   031

one of my favorite pictures:

Destination Wedding Hawaii   017

Knowing full well at this moment that when Aaron lays eyes on her in that church, he might pass out…Destination Wedding Hawaii   018

Destination Wedding Hawaii   027Destination Wedding Hawaii   023

Destination Wedding Hawaii   024Destination Wedding Hawaii   025

Emma did an awesome job with Aaron’s potraits – loved them all…Destination Wedding Hawaii   028

Destination Wedding Hawaii   039Destination Wedding Hawaii   040

Destination Wedding Hawaii   046Destination Wedding Hawaii   047Destination Wedding Hawaii   042Destination Wedding Hawaii   045Destination Wedding Hawaii   038

Need I say anything?

Destination Wedding Hawaii   050Destination Wedding Hawaii   052Destination Wedding Hawaii   051

Destination Wedding Hawaii   053

I went to Hawaii (Maui) on my honeymoon – it rained all 10 days….The ONLY day it rained this time WAS THE DAY OF THE WEDDING!!! We worked around it though and were able to run in and out of the rain – making it all the more FUN! We laughed the whole time!

Destination Wedding Hawaii   054

Destination Wedding Hawaii   048

Destination Wedding Hawaii   056Destination Wedding Hawaii   057

More soon…I will leave you with this – LOVE YOU TERESA – thanks for making this one of the most memorable and fun times!!!!! Can’t you just tell she is awesome? LOVE LOVE LOVE her personality – sad she is in Texas now…

Destination Wedding Hawaii   055


Hannah Sivilay October 3, 2011 at 2:11 PM  

Her make-up is incredible! Love all of them!

White Family October 3, 2011 at 7:37 PM  

Wow, amazing pictures of great memories! Love the ring shots, nice macro lens:)

Jenny October 3, 2011 at 7:57 PM  

beautiful, i love the umbrella and i didn't think i liked uniforms as much as i do. her husband did a fantastic job wit the ring, since i have the same one:)_!

Miller Family October 3, 2011 at 10:30 PM  

Beautiful shots Tracy! What a great place to shoot!

Lisa Jones April 1, 2015 at 3:21 AM  

It's incredibly detailed and almost like having a photograpic planner walk you through all the steps. I myself did not hire a Photography planner so this is really a life saver. Definitely recommend it!
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