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Friday, September 2, 2011

Derrick & Leah | Candelas on the Bay, Coronado | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Part 1 (was trying to fit into one…but I just can’t!)


Venue: Candelas

Wedding coordinator: Angie – Amazing wedding coordinator – she made everything go so smoothly – …sweet and fun too – really thoughtful of everyone. great to work with.

Flowers: Posies flowers – simply beautiful – loved the flowers…so elegant

DJ: Tasos – seriously – best DJ I have ever seen…He was classy and picked incredible music

Bridal designer –


D&L Portraits 1   182 rep


and the story of their special day….

D&L Getting Ready 1   006 repD&L Getting Ready 1   015bw

D&L Getting Ready 1   017j bw

D&L Details 1   178j repD&L Details 1   197j repD&L Getting Ready 1   028 rep bwD&L Getting Ready 1   031j repD&L Getting Ready 1   040j repD&L Getting Ready 1   043 bwD&L Getting Ready 1   050j rep

her best friend all growing up was her maid of honor – she was AWESOME – best maid of honor speech I have ever heard – I laughed and cried! I wish I could put it on here for you to read but she said the whole thing without reading! It was amazing!

Leah was so fun and happy the entire day – always laughing and smiling …I love her maid of honor trying not to cry here…

D&L Bride 1   011 repD&L Bride 1   014j repD&L Getting Ready 2   072j repD&L Getting Ready 2   069j rep

D&L Getting Ready 1   051j repD&L Getting Ready 1   058j rep

D&L Bride 1   004j repD&L Bride 1   010 t rep

D&L Details 2   059j repD&L Details 1   198j repD&L Bride 1   036j repD&L Bride 1   040j rep

D&L Bride 1   050j repD&L Bride 1   053j repD&L Bride 1   067j rep

D&L Bride 2   094j repD&L Bride 2   114j repD&L Details 2   067j repD&L Details 2   073j rep

classic pose – wanted the pretty harbor in the background – this was high noon – love the yellow flowers and the colors – sooo pretty….

D&L Bridesmaids 1   020j rep

D&L Bridesmaids 2   109j bw

how beautiful is the harbor????D&L Bridesmaids 1   053j rep

Loved having another shooter with me (Johnny Tinahui) to capture Derrick and the men…He did a great job!

D&L Groom & Men 3   009j repD&L Groom & Men 3   019j repD&L Groom & Men 3   014j repD&L Groom & Men 3   042j repD&L Groom & Men 3   043j repD&L Groom & Men 1   184 rep bwD&L Groom & Men 1   184 rep bw crop

D&L Groom & Men 3   083j rep (1)D&L Groom & Men 3   072j rep 2

D&L Groom & Men 3   094j rep (1)

look at the one’s socks – hahahahaD&L Groom & Men 3   156j bw

this is an inside joke – I wasn’t there so I don’t remember what it was – but how funny are they??? They were hilarious the whole time!D&L Groom & Men 3   161j repD&L Portraits 1   165j rep

First look – probably one of my favorite parts of the day – I think it really is a great thing to do – it calms wedding jitters – it give the couple a chance to be alone and hug and talk – the rest of the day goes so fast – I just love this moment…Derrick cried the moment he saw her – I really think he was struck by how beautiful she was/is to him – inside and out…Seriously – it was very touching…can’t believe I got to be a part of it (off to the side of course!)

D&L First Look 1   008j repD&L First Look 1   019j rep

D&L First Look 1   021bw

D&L First Look 1   023bwD&L First Look 1   035j repD&L First Look 1   061 kpdD&L First Look 3   093 kpdbw

IMG_7332 rep blog

D&L Portraits 1   070j repD&L Portraits 1   080j rep

D&L Portraits 1   107j rep

D&L Portraits 1   091j repD&L Portraits 1   128j repD&L Portraits 1   132j rep

D&L Wedding Party   006j crop

Loved the colors of this wedding – I think the bridal party looked stunning…D&L Wedding Party   006j repD&L Wedding Party   025j rep

ceremony, details, reception and some sunset portraits next….



Anonymous August 21, 2012 at 4:07 PM  

Hey Tracy, Where were all of these before pictures taken at? I love Coronado - my fiance and I are thinking of getting married at Candelas and I would love the same area for before shots!! :) Thanks!!

Unknown August 22, 2012 at 7:13 AM  

Some were at hotels, some at the Del. they had a limo driver drive us around as there is a lot of traffic in Coronado and no parking. Do you need a photographer?

Christina August 23, 2012 at 4:16 PM  

Thanks, Tracy! We are going to look at Candelas this weekend, so we are hopeful we will fall in love and our search will be over! Finding a venue isn't at all easy! Thank you for your help! We have already decided on a photographer though. We love your work though! Thank you for asking :-)

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