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Monday, August 1, 2011

Nick & Albertina Part 2 |Ceremony | Lake Oak Meadows | Temecula Valley Wedding Photography

Love this ceremony…This is probably my favorite thing of shooting a wedding because it’s more my type of a shoot – capturing moments and emotions….

N&A Ceremony 1   172j pan crop

amazing ceremony – very God honoring…. The venue was Lake Oak Meadows

N&A Ceremony 1   004j repN&A Ceremony 1   007j repN&A Ceremony 1   010j repN&A Ceremony 1   014j repN&A Ceremony 1   017j rep

love these two women – the moms…they did this unposed and I turned and saw it and had them do it for me!N&A Ceremony 1   032j repN&A Ceremony 2   201j rep

Nick is looking at his brother here – I love itN&A Ceremony 1   050j repN&A Ceremony 2   208j brooklynN&A Ceremony 1   052j rep

Jessy captured this – one of my all time favorite pictures….N&A Ceremony 2   216j repN&A Ceremony 2   215j rep

love that some are looking at Nick as he is seeing Tina for the first time….her sis in law at the end is looking at her…so sweet….the sis in law in the front is wiping away tears…N&A Ceremony 1   068j rep

he saw her…N&A Ceremony 1   061j repN&A Ceremony 1   065j rep

locking eyes with her future husband…N&A Ceremony 1   074j rep

he looks at her with that sweet face all the time!N&A Ceremony 1   080j rep

N&A Ceremony 1   084j repN&A Ceremony 1   088j repN&A Ceremony 1   098j repN&A Ceremony 1   099j repN&A Ceremony 1   102j repN&A Ceremony 1   107j repN&A Ceremony 1   119j repN&A Ceremony 1   123j repN&A Ceremony 1   143j rep

N&A Ceremony 2   243j brooklynN&A Ceremony 2   228j repN&A Ceremony 2   249j repN&A Ceremony 1   148j repN&A Ceremony 2   273j repN&A Ceremony 2   260j repN&A Ceremony 2   283j repN&A Ceremony 2   295j repN&A Ceremony 1   169j repN&A Ceremony 1   172j repN&A Ceremony 1   182j repN&A Ceremony 2   298j repN&A Ceremony 2   311j rep

xoxoxox more of portraits and the reception soon…xoxoxo


Elizabeth Rose August 5, 2011 at 9:28 AM  

I love the picture of Desi.

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On the Temecula List!
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