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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Taylor H. | Calvary Chapel Christian High School | SEnior Portraits | Temecula

Yes – he is this handsome – and he flashes that great smile a LOT…and soooo sweet (is that okay to say about a boy?)  We had a great time together (or I thought we did..haha) – He was really fun to shoot…he loves photography too so it works!!! 


He is a confidant young man with lots of plans for college.  It was so fun to hear his heart and what he wants to do with his life.  Such a blast to talk to.  Excited for him as he goes off to college next year.  He is rooming with solid kids…praying you find at awesome church Taylor!Taylor H   020j rep

Love the smirk on his face in this next one on the left…

Taylor H   051j repTaylor H   005j rep

He is TOTALLY afraid of spiders – it made me laugh the entire time….There was a lizard near here that made me almost drop my camera…it is why I keep it around my neck…I am so afraid of lizards…he was not!  I don’t get it – why would you be afraid of spiders and NOT lizards????  Seeing the lizard made me jumpy for the next 45 minutes….

Taylor H Cam2   047j pwbwTaylor H   011j rep

I think he is laughing in the picture on the right because I was teasing him about a girl!!!  oops….  he wouldn’t have any of it!

Taylor H   086j repTaylor H   105j repTaylor H   096j rep


Taylor H   132j rep panTaylor H   129j rep tex

Taylor H   141j rep


okay – so don’t get afraid to go in fields BUT there were many bugs – that was also hilarious!!!!  I think with the recent rains and all the growth, the gnats are multiplying!  I had gone in this field less than one week prior and the weeks were easily a foot higher!   I think he is annoyed at the bugs in this next picture but it is one of my favs!Taylor H Cam2   094j rep

I am NOT afraid of spiders at ALL BUT I am SO AFRAID OF SNAKES (and lizards)– you wouldn’t believe how afraid.  As I was walking through this field, I panicked and grabbed him – I think I scared him as much as spiders do!  I grabbed his arm and told him to run fast to the back of the field and scare away the snakes…I ran right behind him in panic.   These next pics are the back of the field…I couldn’t’ stay there long…I was kind of jumpy at this point! 

Taylor H   145j rep

A bunny scampered away when he got to this awesome fallen tree – it scared him, I about dropped my camera and I stayed a safe distance away.  I even took the long lens from Jessy so I wouldn’t have to go close.  I was fairly sure there must be a snake over there…he didn’t care – he only worried about spiders!

Taylor H   161j repTaylor H   166j rep


so…one more of the handsome Taylor…

Taylor H Cam2   080j rep


…and one of Taylor and his beautiful Mom….Taylor H   185j repj rep


Danielle April 8, 2011 at 9:24 PM  

Catching up on your latest posts!!!! You just get better and better with your camera! Great shots! Luv this blog!

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