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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Matt & Diana California Wedding Reception

Matt and Diana had a destination wedding in Hawaii….I was able to photograph their California reception.  It was SUCH A FUN AND RELAXING day!  We did the same as a normal wedding…except the ceremony – it felt kind of weird as I kept remembering they were already married!  It threw me off a few times! 


My friend Carri did the second shooting for me (Jessy has a softball tournament)….She did an amazing job!!  and I am so glad to know that I have another person that shoots the way I love!  Thank you soo much Carri – if you see the side angle shots, those are Carri’s..


Diana should be in a magazine…M& D Getting Ready   007j repM& D Getting Ready   010 editj rep


Amazing wedding hair – it was breathtaking…diana hair web


as is Diana – she could be model for sure…Awesome light on the front porchM& D Getting Ready   039 wedit

M& D Getting Ready   044j rep

Heading in to get dressed…


Her dress was beautiful – incredible details…It had a long train and just stunning..

M&D Details   006j repM&D Details   126j rep

and how awesome are these shoes?  This shot was Carri’s idea - she saw the shoes reflecting on the marble…couldn’t believe how it turned out – my favorite shoe shot ever…thanks carri!

M&D Details   019j rep


I love these next pictures…

M& D Getting Ready   058

M& D Getting Ready   112j rep

M&D Bride   002j rep

I LOVE that Diana loves pink….her bouquet was simply stunning like her…She had a butterfly in the bouquet to remember her father by – when she got married in Hawaii a butterfly flew down and came to the bouquet and stayed the entire time.

M&D Details   130j repM&D Bride   032 jrepM&D Details   136j rep

M&D Bride   039 WEBM&D Bride   041 jrepM&D Bride   037 jrepand here is the finished stunning bride:  This is one of my favorite pictures of a bride!

M&D Bride   005j bw

While I got this:

M&D Bride   007j rep

Carri got this: (and I LOVE it – awesome job Carri!)

M&D Bride Cam 2   003j repM&D Bride   012 jrepM&D Bride   045j rep

M&D Bride   020j rep


She has her dress bundled up on her arm – I just love this picture!IMG_0502j rep

her awesome friends….and soon to be new sister in law….These girls were gorgeous and fun…M& D Bridesmaids   066j repM& D Bridesmaids   017 rep

M& D Bridesmaids   061j rep


M& D Bridesmaids   058j repM& D Bridesmaids   033j rep


We met at Lytle Creek in Fontana for the portraits…Carri and I are really proud of these pictures as we shot in the middle of the day aroudn 1 p.m.!M& D Bridesmaids   037j repM& D Bridesmaids   052j rep


And here is the handsome groom – and might I add that he is HILARIOUS!  He was funny the whole day – I think the girls in the top picture must be laughing at something he did!  We laughed a lot…

M&D Men   031 mattj repM&D Men   024


I think he is related to most of the men, one was a friend – maybe two I kept getting confused… some are brothers and one is Diana’s brother…They were ALL AWESOME!  M&D Men   056M&D Men   066j repM&D Men   023j repM&D Men   048j repM&D Men   005j repM& D Wedding Party   049 snapM& D Wedding Party   041


This next picture still makes me laugh – I told everyone to get with their person they walked down the aisle with…well – remember – they didn’t do that!  so we figured it out anyway and took the picture!  Most of the wedding party went to Hawaii but they all couldn’t make it.M& D Wedding Party   028snap

M& D Wedding Party   020 snap

I always like this group shot at a side angle – awesome job again Carri!M& D Wedding Party   045

M& D Wedding Party   004 snap

M& D Bridesmaids   068j rep

with the maid of honor and best man…

IMG_0890 rep web


Then everyone left and we took a walk…..

M&D Portraits   085jrep

Part 2 soon….portraits and reception….



Carri Roman April 26, 2011 at 10:03 PM  

Thanks for the amazing opportunity!! What a fun day. Diana and Matt were awesome.

Carri Roman April 27, 2011 at 8:34 AM  

I love that the groom is the only one that is jumping different. All the other guys went strait up. Did you tell him to do that?

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California Wedding Day
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California Wedding Day


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