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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Matt + Lauren Part 2 | Admiral Kidd Club Wedding

Wedding Party and Details

I really have trouble narrowing things down – as I looked through the pictures they remind me of the whole day but if I put them all on here well that would be crazy!!! so glad that Lauren and Matt get them all!!!

My brother was a marine so I think I am a sucker for Matt. I always thought my bro looked amazing in his dress blues. Did I mention Matt has the cutest accent? I think that’s why Lauren gave him her number….and he drives those cool amphibious tanks….how awesome is that??? I think I said that in the engagement shoot but oh well – it’s so awesome.

M&L Men   058M&L Men   049

I think Emma had Matt salute and she said something like, “can you do that thing where you put your hand up by your face?” – and he looked at her and said, “you mean salute?” it was sooo funny! I love having Emma with me – she makes me laugh the whole time. Jessy captured these next two:

M&L Men J3   055M&L Details J3  008j rep

so funny…

M&L Bridesmaids    005

…so about Matt – I was really struck by his friendships with his groomsmen – I was thinking how much time they must spend together – and then to think they have to protect each other – it must be very bonding. I am also very patriotic so it’s just cool to be around people in the military! The one that was not a marine, Jordon, was awesome too – Matt’s childhood friend – They seemed far more like brothers than best friends. He didn’t have a uniform on but he was the only one that got the boutonniere! so he has his own thing going!

They were just all awesome. They were really fun to shoot and totally cooperative!

M&L Men J3   007

The maid of honor and the best man are dating and they set themselves up – Matt and Lauren did not! how crazy is that? He’s so tall that one time I saw Kelsey on the dance floor jumping with her hand in the air so he could find her! It was hilarious! here’s the best man with Matt.

best man web

M&L Men   031 rep

M&L Men   006-2 editM&L Men   041 bw

The girls were all great friends too – they all wanted to be there and were soooo happy – they all were so in support of Lauren – they just seemed so close! What a blast this wedding party was! Each girl really took care of Lauren the whole day – and Lauren is awesome to them too. It was sweet to watch their friendships.

M&L Bridesmaids    016 t repM&L Bridesmaids    018 trep

M&L Bridesmaids    021 repair

M&L Bridesmaids    015 editM&L Bridesmaids  J3   026 edit

Lauren gave the girls the awesome gold bracelets…

M&L Bridesmaids  J3   017 edit

M&L E   0579j rep

The maid of honor was the best – she was the most attentive one ever! I told her she should give maid of honor classes. She helped me a ton by making sure everything was good with Lauren’s dress, hair everything – she was just amazing and her maid of honor speech was so touching and awesome. We had fun taking pics of the two of them! Emma captured this next one while I was shooting the men.

M&L E   0422j rep

After everyone left to go to Admiral Kidd it was just these two…they are sooo funny together. They remind me of my daughter and my niece.

M&L Bridesmaids    042 edit

I love that when we were done they both walked off talking on their phones!

M&L Bridesmaids    058 editM&L Bridesmaids    060 edit

How awesome do they look altogether? Loved the colors!

M&L Bridal Party   002j rep

M&L Bridal Party   008j repM&L Bridal Party   014j rep

Here are the details… Lauren’s mother has her own business called Enchanting Blooms – you may find her on facebook here:

Enchanting Blooms Go like her page and tell hew how amazing her work is! She did everything…

There were Matt’s Grandma’s pearls…

M&L Details J3  003j repM&L Details J3  033

M&L Details J3  022 angelM&L Bridesmaids  J3   018 edit

M&L Details J3  055j rep

M&L E   0900 rep

In the little box is the most AMAZING chocolate EVER! There was no stone left unturned – every single thing was exquisite and beautiful. ….and the food was soooooo good! That’s why Jessy and Emma love weddings so much…we get to eat awesome food!

M&L Details   024j repM&L Details   032 repM&L Details J3  053j repM&L Details J3  054 repM&L Details J3  069 rep

M&L Details   047 snapM&L Details J3  067j repM&L Details J3  058

M&L Details J3  070 edit

not sure which ring shot was my favorite so here are a few Jessy shot:

M&L Details J3  079j repM&L Details J3  086j bw

M&L Details J3  088 j rep

ceremony next… Part one is underneath this post :) Thanks for all your comments!


Sara Ancich March 16, 2011 at 8:17 PM  

The jumping bridal party... so FUN! The entire wedding party pic is just plain stunning. What gorgeous details. Love these Tracy. We might need to renew our vows so you can capture all the details. We never even ordered our original wedding pics!

Carla Kayes March 17, 2011 at 8:29 AM  

I can't decide what I love more, your blog comments or the pictures!

Tammy Meadows Field March 17, 2011 at 11:16 AM  

These pictures just keep getting better and better!! Everyone I show them to tell me how great the pictures are and that they belong in a bridal magazine...I agree!!

Anonymous April 4, 2011 at 8:23 AM  

Well, Tracy, the kids have been married almost a month now and I think I have looked at these BEAUTIFUL pictures almost every day they have been on line!! They are just so wonderful, and remind me over and over of the lovely time we had with everyone, and just how truly beautiful it was! Thank you for "capturing" that day for all of us! It was so very special.

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