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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Derrick & Leah Engaged!

This shoot was a blast!  The couple was so much fun and the walls and textures of downtown Riverside suited them perfectly.    The first two pics don’t go together actually – the one of Leah was the very first pic I took – I was just testing light…later in the shoot, I just snapped a picture of Derrick look at her…he did that a lot :)


They were game for whatever I asked.  Emma even asked them to climb in the windows you see behind them and they got yelled at!!  It was hilarious!  Emma met me there because she was coming to shoot a wedding with Jessy and I the next day.  We had so much fun laughing with Derrick and Leah.  Jessy was at a softball game…

Untitled-1 for blog


I kept joking with them that they looked pretty cute but the walls looking amazing….but really – they are amazing yes???  and the wall too :)Derrick   Leah  012 repfor blog 2

I was a little worried he would spin her and drop her…but he is a water polo coach so I guess he had it under control…she was flying!   and she had high shoes on!

Derrick   Leah  037 rep

We practiced this shot because I wanted to do it at the end with the sun flaring through…but I forgot – so here’s the practice.  I saw something like it on an engagement video recently…

Derrick   Leah  058 vs

Derrick   Leah  048 rep


Leah look so sweet in this next picture – I love the sheepish expression on her face…This might have been where she was telling me that she approached him first at a water polo match and gave him some story about losing her sweatshirt…it took Derrick a while to ask her to dinner – I mean she gave him the hint with the sweatshirt  and it still took him about 30 minutes to catch on-  he finally figured it out and now they are getting married!

Derrick   Leah  030 bw


One of my favs:Derrick   Leah  113j repJessy put a vintage action on these. Derrick   Leah  114j VSDerrick   Leah  115j VS web

I always have people take a summer camp type of picture – so cute!   They are both very photogenic – made my job super easy!

Derrick   Leah  121j rep


See…so photogenic

Derrick   Leah  162j rep


Maybe we were talking about the weird man or woman or whatever it was that I saw in Farmer Boys???  He or she about barreled me over and said “excuse me” but it was in the deepest voice I ever heard…


And yes – Derrick’s eyes looked that blue in that light!Derrick   Leah  168j repDerrick   Leah  174j repDerrick   Leah  186j repDerrick   Leah  236j rep


I like this next picture because it seems like you wouldn’t know where we were…or that I was standing in the middle of the street risking my life…

Derrick   Leah  264

Derrick   Leah  274

Derrick   Leah  311j rep

Derrick   Leah  306 repair

I should have done my heart picture right here…I even think Leah might have reminded me at some point!


I have been downtown many times (remember court and Dani’s adoption??)  and honestly – I don’t think I ever looked up at the clock tower – isn’t it awesome?  I hear the bells all the time!!!  We were walking back and I saw the sun lighting it up and had to ask them for one last picture….

Derrick   Leah  349j rep


Nancy March 9, 2011 at 1:23 PM  

What amazing photos! I had to look at them twice because they are just so wonderful.

Unknown March 10, 2011 at 12:35 PM  

Love it. Can't wait for HI.

Michelle March 12, 2011 at 9:09 AM  

Great job Trac! They seemed like a fun and cute couple to work w/! I love all their fun poses!!! Awesome job!

Sara Ancich March 14, 2011 at 1:32 PM  

The 3rd to the last one where they are back to back just wow-ed me. amazing lighting. great work.

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