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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Kids...Seattle, Washington 2010

We went to visit some friends in Seattle - John and Rachel....Robert actually left for a few days to head to Arizona for work (which is why we are not in the pics as a family)...It was supposed to snow the whole rest of the we had to take pics without him....We found this barn....I put a Ruby action on this one because I thought it made the barn look cool...and of course my kids are sooo cute!

Dani is next to Nanno - right after this picture, Nanno says, "DANI!!! YOU have HIGH heels on!!!!" so he moved away from her after that...she is not that tall but she is wearing some boots I have that have pretty high heels!

Family Photography Seattle
I got this next one as an 11x14 canvas...I like the close ups of their faces as a group...
Family Photography Seattle

This is the field next to the first barn - This pic cracks me up because I kept noticing in Seattle how people just throw their old stuff in their yards (in certain places...) -see the mattress in the far right corner??? haha - I need to edit it out but thought it was funny! I'll get rid of it if I print this one! This picture also makes me laugh because they did not want to hold hands...that is why they have cute smiles!

Family Photography Seattle

Then we found this was in the 30's and OH SO COLD! but we braved it and did it anyway! If you look closely, they look pretty cold! Poor Steph just has little thin leggings on...

I kept saying, "READY??? Stop looking so cold!!!"

Family Photography Seattle

I blew this next one up really large for a canvas...I added a blue sky from Lake Powell....There was actually NOT a blue sky except that tiny little patch in the picture above...This one is going in Robert's office (and my house)..

I really encourage people to get canvas's and so I knew I wanted them...They really do look amazing. My friend had them all done (from Simply Canvas) when she has her family photos taken and they look amazing...Can't wait to get mine!

I did NOT tell Steph to throw her hands in the air - she is just like that! She was trying so hard to be good and fun!
Family Photography Seattle

I put the rest of these all on 8x10 canvases for both of us.
Family Photography Seattle

This next one of Stephanie is actually in the backyard of Rachel's next door neighbor...She looks a little less freezing in this one plus I needed a vertical for my wall!

Family Photography Seattle

Isn't this location amazing? A photographer lives across the street...I went on his website to see how often he shot there...he NEVER did!!! What was he thinking??? Maybe clients don't want to freeze?? Although I don't think it usually is in the 30's.... We happened to hit the state when it was so cold that the rain was snow! :)

Family Photography Seattle

Family Photography Seattle

We found Dani and Jessy's hat at a cool place in a sweet town near her home...aren't they awesome?
Family Photography Seattle

There are more if you click on a picture...It will take you to a flickr album... or you can click over to my family blog - the KIT button above or: CLICK HERE


Sara Ancich December 26, 2010 at 11:31 AM  

Your kids are STUNNING!

The Parsons' blog January 5, 2011 at 8:42 AM  

I love these!! Such a cool spot, and I hear you on getting them to not look cold! ha!

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