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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Murrieta Family Photographer | Nunez Family

This shoot had to be rescheduled a few times.  I couldn’t wait to do it  - we had all these cool plans for these backlit sunny shots (setting up quilts with tea partys and etc)..when the day came around it was pretty dark and dismal :(  We decided that if the rain held off, we would shoot anyway.  It is little Desiree Rose’s 1 year old birthday on Sunday and we wanted pictures for her party!


The sun never came out and it was COLD!  It was really challenging for me because shooting in low light is hard – especially because I am NOT a fan of flash photography – it just doesn’t seem real to me…so I tried to manipulate my camera to shoot in the low light.  Kids really need to be at a shutter speed of at least  1/250  to freeze their wiggles….I really couldn’t go that fast or there wouldn’t be enough light! 


As it turned out – it was completely different than we planned but I LOVE it –  We LOVED their coats (I want to go get Robert the coat the Daddy is wearing!) and their sweaters – I just love this park and I ADORE this family!!!  


All that to say - I LOVE how the shoot came out looking wintery. 


Oh AND they brought the coolest bouquet of pink balloons for Desi….I clipped them to a box – there really wasn’t any wind – a gust came up and they flew away!!!  Last time I tried to have balloons at a shoot, I opened the back of the car and they blew out in lightening speed!  If you want me to shot your photos with balloons, please do NOT entrust them to me!!! :)


Please let me know what you think!  As I am so used to bright sunshine, this is a new one for me!  You can leave a comment at the end….


Love this first one….I turned it to black and white to match the last picture on this post….Nunez_007 brooklyn

Cutest kids!!!!  Aren’t their jackets cute?  I asked them to not take them off!   I love how these all turned out….Such an amazing and beautiful family.  I LOVED hearing their testimonies of how they came to Christ.  They are an incredible couple and the Lord shines through them and made up for the hiding sunshine!


Nunez_019 repair

   They are really good at this pose …..I normally don’t comment on kissing pictures…but I feel like they forgot I was there!!!Nunez_30D_010 repairorg     Nunez_026 repair mademoiselle Nunez_30D_005 kpd 

      Nunez_30D_017j repNunez_30D_046j rep

Low light – camera too slow but a cool picture:


Nunez_116 repair

                         Nunez_30D_039j rep Nunez_30D_043j rep  

This little guy was hilarious – he was ALL boy!!  While I shot the parents he was running all over behind them – it was cracking me up!  Little Desi wanted her Mommy so we shot quickly while she walked over! 

Nunez_30D_059j rep2

             Nunez_30D_063j rep2  Nunez_30D_068j rep

Nunez_30D_066 repair

Nunez_30D_074 repair  

And here is the birthday girl :)  She is so beautiful!!!!

Nunez_129 repair Nunez_131 repair Nunez_147 8x10

Her middle name is Rose so her Mommy and Daddy brought her roses – they were gorgeous!!!!

     Nunez_147 vintage summer Nunez_151 heiress  

See the brother in the background?  This pic cracks me up because Desi wants to eat the rose!

Nunez_209j rep

See –in this next picture, she IS eating the rose.Nunez_165j rep vintage haze

…and looks like she was caught in the act…I have a bunch of pictures with her mouth open and petals on her teeth!

Nunez_216j rep


I love when little boys try to put their hands in their pockets….

Nunez_192j rep Nunez_202j rep 


here’s a picture with a flash – it’s cute :)  I guess I am not a huge fan of flash because you can get this with a point and shoot camera – but I thought this was super cute!

Nunez_264 LE


My favorite from an artsy standpoint.  Desi is eating a cupcake….her mommy looks Beautiful…This was shot with a super high ISO (4000) at 1.6 aperature and 1/60 shutter  – it was pretty dark at this point…makes for an awesome black and white – it was pretty in color too but I loved it in BW.

Nunez_291 bw
Danielle – check your mail –you should have your disk today or tomorrow. 

Love you guys!!!



Miller Family October 21, 2010 at 10:22 AM  

love these! and the coats too! Beautiful little family!

Anonymous October 21, 2010 at 12:10 PM  

Great job. I like how you can see Eli in the background of one of the chair poses!

I am Mom October 21, 2010 at 8:52 PM  

Miss Daniel!!! Bria LOVES them both - her new Sunday School teachers. Can't wait to show her these pictures :) Super great as usual Tracy!

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